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Community response unit cleans up Sudbury

BY CRAIG GILBERT [email protected] The last thing members of the Ukrainian Club wanted to see on their way out the door is a swastika spray painted large as life on a rock face across the way.

Veterans worry mall development will reduce legion hall parking

BY KEITH LACEY [email protected] Problems with parking have surfaced once again in Greater Sudbury but this time far away from the downtown core.

Falco to invest $368 million in Nickel Rim

Falconbridge Limited says it will spend $368 million over the next five years to develop its huge Nickel Rim South deposit in Sudbury.

Emergency Preparedness Week increases awareness

If an emergency were to hit this community such as a major natural disaster or toxic train wreck in your neighbourhood, would you be ready? Do you have an emergency survival kit with a flashlight, battery-operated radio, water and other essential ite

Tiny baby Julia doing fine but she?s still in Toronto hospital

BY TRACEY DUGUAY [email protected] She?s out of intensive care, gaining weight, and drinking out of a bottle, but Julia Cimino still hasn?t come home to Sudbury yet.

2003 good year for buying homes

The most expensive home purchased in Sudbury this year cost $625,000, according to figures supplied by the RE/MAX Market Trends Report.

City hopes to attract talent from around the world

BY BILL BRADLEY [email protected] Respect for Greater Sudbury?s diverse culture, along with encouraging skilled immigrants, is an essential part of Mayor David Courtemanche?s plan to reverse the brain drain and halt out-migration.

10 singers invited to compete for spotlight

BY SCOTT HUNTER HADDOW [email protected] They came in all sizes and shapes and from all walks of life, and they were heard loud and clear.

Winning lotto ticket ?lost?in Chelmsford

Someone in Chelmsford has won $54,000 and doesnÂ?t know it. Time is runing out to claim Lotto Super 7 second prize for a ticket sold one year ago in Chelmsford. The ticket is worth $54,330.

Every gift but length of years

BY VICKI GILHULA [email protected] It must be true what they say. The good die young. Dan Pauze, who grew up in Sudbury, was hooked on mountain climbing.