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Chelmsford family wins $567,758 in September’s HSN 50/50 Draw

More than half a million dollars won by family group who describe their good fortune as 'surreal'
031022_LG_HSN 50_50 Draw PHOTO
From left to right, Laura Dupuis, Gary Dupuis, Paul Pitre, Donna Pitre, Bryan Pitre and Sue Tremblay of Chelmsford are the lucky winners of September’s $567,758 HSN 50/50 grand prize jackpot.

Another monthly winner has been announced for the Health Sciences North 50/50 draw in support of the HSN Foundation, the NEO Kids Foundation, the Northern Cancer Foundation, and the HSN Volunteer Association.

The latest draw winner for the month of September was Laura Dupuis, Gary Dupuis, Paul Pitre, Donna Pitre, Bryan Pitre and Sue Tremblay of Chelmsford (ticket # AB-19186961).

“We’ve been buying tickets as a family since the start of the draw,” said Laura Dupuis. 

“I usually buy one set for the family and another set for work. We believe in the good this draw is doing for HSN and just never saw ourselves winning it.”

She added that supporting the HSN event caused some excitement the family never expected.

“It’s just so surreal thinking about what we could do with our winnings. We usually get excited over winning $2 in other lotteries! I think we’ll pay bills, help our kids and find the best way to give back to our community.”

Tickets are now on sale for the October HSN 50/50 draw at The prizes include $25,000 in cash draws throughout the month, along with a $10,000 early bird prize on Oct. 10 and five $3,000 bonus cash prizes between Oct. 24-28.

The jackpot is updated online in real-time and continues to grow as more people buy tickets. Each month half of the total ticket sales support patient care at HSN and the other half goes to one lucky winner. HSN Foundations said the funds raised will make a difference in the lives of those living with cancer, how the tiniest patients receive specialized pediatric care and ensuring equipment is in place when needed to provide quality patient care.


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