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Inspired Tots, where families can come make a mess together

Melissa Bazinet’s New Sudbury daycare centre grows into a play and create studio
Melissa Bazinet stands in front of a rainbow wall the she painted herself in her play and create studio while holding giant crayons she made herself from pool noodles to line the entrance of her studio.

What started off as a home daycare has grown into a play and create studio for families to come together, create, and learn — and it opens on June 4. 

Melissa Bazinet ran Inspired Tots, a home daycare where she prided herself in creating an environment where children could be themselves, play without limitation and most of all be messy. Bazinet decided after five years that she wanted to offer that same kind of environment to kids on a bigger scale by opening an art studio for all children to enjoy. 

“Let them be free, let them be kids, let them make a mess,” said Bazinet.

Bazinet turned what used to be a physiotherapy office on Westmount Avenue off of Barrydowne Road, into her own individual space by repainting the space in bright colors and adding creative twists. 

“We kind of just came in and changed pretty much everything about it,” said Bazinet.

The play and create studio will include a splatter room, where guests receive a canvas and a variety of tools and are allowed to paint in any way they please, programming for all ages, birthday parties, and summer and PA Day camps. 

Bazinet is open for suggestion when it comes to the type of play you would like to do and loves accommodating individual requests. 

“The sky is the limit,” said Bazinet.

A leafless tree was painted in the common area of the space for everyone that comes in to decorate a leaf and add it to the tree as part of a collaborative art project. 

“This is a space for all children. It costs me nothing to accommodate, be kind, and have every child come in and feel welcome,” said Bazinet.

All programming offered at Inspired Tots as well as take home creative kits and more can be found on their website.