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Workshop pushes 'food for all' message

The concept "food for all" was top of mind among the approximately 50 people who attended Tuesday night’s community meeting hosted by the Brandon Food Council.

Ground breaks for Sioux Valley community centre

The community of Sioux Valley broke ground on its first major community infrastructure project in two decades Friday afternoon. The new $1.

Appeal Court upholds class action rulings against isolation in prisons

TORONTO — Even without a full-blown trial, a judge was right to decide that placing inmates in solitary confinement amounts to cruel and unusual punishment in violation of their rights, Ontario's top court ruled on Monday.

Lessons in Anishinaabe parenting

Aazhawaashiik, also known as Rosie, knew how to live off the land. "She just moved around the lake," said Sherry Copenace, who is from Ojibways of Onigaming First Nation to the east of Lake of the Woods in Ontario.

Bear Clan member off to Austria

Brandon Bear Clan patrol member Marshall Morrisseau has a prestigious trip ahead of him.

Food security team a growing concern

When Waywayseecappo First Nation residents come together this evening for a meal, they’ll be hearing all about the food security team’s proposed plans for 2020 — more gardening and gathering, as well as fishing and hunting.

Study aimed at shoring up Swan Lake

A $25,000 feasibility study scheduled for completion in the spring might provide a solution for Swan Lake’s low water levels, and lead to reinvigorated traditional use as well as recreational-use development.

Beading offers women solace, support

Laughs and conversation accompany lazy stitches and two-needle stitches, followed by long periods of silent, focused beading. Six women — with others dropping in, and coming and going — sit at a large table at the Women’s Resource Centre.

Sexual assault underreported crime: Stupack

International Women’s Day is just around the corner. The global celebration is intended to recognize the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

Q&A with chiefs Bone and Eastman

Viola Eastman and Jennifer Bone have several common threads running through their lives. Both are chiefs of their Dakota nations — Eastman at Canupawakpa and Bone at Sioux Valley. Both had fathers who were chiefs. Both are mothers.