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"Embracing Eternity: Remembering Margaret (Farina) Baysarowich (1931-2023)"

The tranquil celestial community is abuzz with anticipation as numerous friends and relatives hurry to greet the vivacious "life of the party" and the beacon of their lives in their own piece of paradise. Margaret (Baba) Baysarowich bid farewell to the mortal realm and eagerly traversed the welcoming gates to eternal happiness.

Her tales of the past years will require an eternity to recount, as she catches everyone up on her escapades! In her 92 years on this planet, Baba nurtured a brood of seven children. Margaret was a devoted spouse to Joseph Baysarowich (predeceased in 1974) and loving mother to Robert (Sandra), David (Lorraine), Nancy (Steve), Linda (Denis), Joseph (Susan), Michael (Marlene) and Cynthia (Randy). She is sadly missed by surviving brother Jimmy and many grandchildren, great grandchildren and her many nieces and nephews.

Despite losing her beloved spouse at a tender age of 43, she admirably rose to the occasion, providing a nurturing and unwavering home for her offspring. Her adventurous spirit led her to relocate countless times, earning her the affectionate nickname, the Gypsy. Was there a hidden facet to her life that eluded our awareness? Only time will reveal, dear Mama! Balancing hard work with revelry, Baba was no stranger to merriment and occasional libation.

Would you believe that an 85-year old grandmother once revelled with the renowned Bachelor heartthrob, Colton, from the acclaimed series "Bachelor Nation"? (Evidence in photos and Instagram likes, mind you!) She held her companions close to her heart and found it challenging to decline any invitations for a night on the town. Mama, your absence leaves a profound void, yet we are enriched with cherished memories and uproarious laughter to console us until the day we reunite in joyous celebration.

Although there will be no service at this time, a celebration of life will be held at a future date. In the meantime Baba, (Margaret) will be cremated and will be laid to rest in Manitoba alongside her parents and siblings.

Condolences and Candles