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More details come to light regarding Saturday's death at Rockview Towers

The ongoing investigation is being managed by the coroner's office
Incident occurred at Rockview Towers apartment complex around 8 a.m. Saturday morning, resulting in the death of one woman. (Keira Ferguson/

Greater Sudbury Police have confirmed that the victim of yesterday's incident at Rockview Towers was, in fact, an elderly female resident of the apartment complex. 

Police have ruled out foul play, but will not be releasing any more details regarding the accident until the investigation is complete. 

The investigation is now in the hands of the coroner's office. 

Members of the community gathered in the building's front entrance yesterday to express their condolences to one another and make sense of the event.

They shared that although the building is not restricted to individuals 55 years of age and older, this is the population it tends to attract. 

Residents have formed a tight-knit community, said one resident, which is often what motivates people to join the building.