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Novice driver falls asleep behind the wheel, says OPP

Driver from Britt charged with careless driving and having a blood alcohol concentration above zero

A driver from Britt fell asleep at the wheel on Highway 69 near French River on May 14, striking guardrails as a result, said provincial police.

Officers responded to the crash at 4:06 p.m. Preliminary investigation revealed the vehicle was traveling south on the highway and the driver had fallen asleep, before striking the guard rails.

Both the driver and passenger were taken by Sudbury Paramedic Services to the local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

An approved screening device was conducted on the driver, which indicated that the driver had consumed alcohol.  

As a result of the investigation, a 24-year-old person from Britt was charged with careless driving and being a novice driver with a blood alcohol concentration above zero.

The driver was issued two Provincial Offence notices with set fines for the offences.

“The OPP would like to remind motorists to recognize some of the signs of fatigue; yawning, eyes closing, losing focus, blinking more than usual, feeling drowsy, light headed and having trouble keeping your head up,” said the OPP in a news release. “If you feel fatigued while driving, pull over and take a rest. Only sleep can cure fatigue.”