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Police charge 25 drivers in distracted driving blitz

The distracted driving blitz was held at various locations in New Sudbury on March 27

In a distracted driving blitz at various locations in New Sudbury on March 27, Greater Sudbury police charged 25 drivers for using cell phones.

The drivers were charged under the Highway Traffic Act for driving while using handheld communication devices, and one driver was charged under the Highway Traffic Act with failing to properly wear their seatbelt.

Upon first conviction, motorists face a fine of $615 for distracted driving if settled out of court, which includes a victim surcharge and court fee.

If a summons is received or they fight the ticket in court and lose, a fine of $1,000 is levied if they are unsuccessful. 

Motorists found guilty of distracted driving are also given three demerit points and a three-day driving suspension.

“It is illegal to use a handheld communication device on any roadway, including when you are stopped in traffic or at a red light,” police said in a recent post to social media.

In correspondence with, spokesperson Kaitlynn Dunn noted the blitz was part of a series tackling the “big four” killers the Traffic Enforcement Unit takes on each year.

Alongside distracted driving, the big four includes aggressive driving, improper or lack of seatbelt use and impaired driving. The blitzes are done in high-traffic, high-complaint areas of the city as flagged by community members.

“Officers continue to see a significant number of people engaged in distracted driving where they are more focused on their phones than the roadway and their surroundings,” Dunn said, adding that people can expect to see police out checking for distracted drivers at any time.

“The financial consequences of distracted driving are high, but the potential physical consequences of a collision resulting from distracted driving are even greater.”