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Update: Ramsey Lake rescue not a police matter, GSPS says

Woman called 911 herself from the jetski she was riding, but nature of incident remains unclear
Greater Sudbury Police firefighters return to Ramsey Lake boat launch after being involved in the rescue of an injured woman from the water on the afternoon of Aug. 2.

Updated Aug. 3: Greater Sudbury Police are not, in fact, investigating an incident on Ramsey Lake that occurred Aug. 2 and resulted in a woman being transported to hospital with serious injuries.

On the Civic Holiday, emergency services were dispatched to Ramsey Lake after a woman phoned 911 from the back of the jetski she was riding to report she needed help. Assisted by bystanders and taken to shore by Greater Sudbury Fire Services, the woman was transported to Health Sciences North with serious injuries, was told.

On Monday, was told GSPS was investigating the matter, but when contacted this morning, police said the matter turned out not to be one for GSPS to investigate.

Because it is not an incident that will be investigated, privacy concerns mean limited information can be provided to media, Deputy Fire Chief Jesse Oshell said today. He was able to report that the woman phone 911 herself and that when firefighters arrived to her location, the woman was unconscious and being assisted by bystanders in a boat.

Neither police nor fire could say what exactly occurred that required the woman to phone 911, nor could they describe the nature of her injuries. Her current health status is also unknown and protected by privacy rights.

Original story

A woman with serious injuries had to call 911 from the back of the jetski she was riding after being hurt in an incident on Ramsey Lake today.

It was a busy day on the lake today as Sudburians flocked to the shore to enjoy the sunny weather on the Civic Holiday.

Emergency services were dispatched to Ramsey Lake at around 2:20 p.m. after receiving a report of an injured boater on the water. has reached out to both police and fire about the incident. Police have yet to provide any information, but Greater Sudbury Fire Services was able to confirm some details of the incident, though key information is lacking at this time.

Deputy Fire Chief Jesse Oshell said crews from the Minnow Lake station were dispatched to Moonlight Beach to respond to the call for help. When they got to the scene on the water, bystanders in a boat were assisting the woman on the jetski.

Oshell said the woman, though seriously injured, was able to phone 911 herself.

What is unknown at this time is how the woman was hurt, he said. Oshell couldn’t say if the woman, who appeared to be in her mid to late 20s, had been hit by a boat or injured in some other way. He was not able to share the nature of the woman’s injuries, either.

“It was an accident of some sort,” Oshell said.

Firefighters transported the woman -- “cautiously,” Oshell said due to the nature of her injuries -- to Moonlight Beach where paramedics awaited to transport her to Health Sciences North.

He said police were investigating. 

A reader was at the Ramsey Lake boat launch on the other end of the lake as the rescue was occurring. He said the lake was very busy with traffic today. As well, he said Greater Sudbury Fire was first on scene with their rescue boat, and GSPS officers arrived later and launched a boat as they began investigating the incident.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.