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Police spot check results in two impaired driving charges

Greater Sudbury Police Service members conducted Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere spot checks throughout the municipality from Nov. 24-25
Greater Sudbury police are seen conducting a Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere spot check.

Greater Sudbury police checked 301 motorists during a series of spot checks in various locations throughout Greater Sudbury from Nov. 24-25, laying two impaired driving charges. 

They conducted 57 roadside breath tests and issued three drivers a three day driver’s licence suspension for having a blood-alcohol level in the “warn range,” during Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere (RIDE) spot checks.

The warn range is a blood alcohol level of .05 to .08, within which drivers “pose an immediate threat to themselves and other road users,” police note in a statement posted to social media.

Those caught within the warn range receive an immediate licence suspension at the roadside for three days for first occurrence.

The two drivers charged with impaired driving allegedly exceeded .08, received a 90-day driver’s licence suspension, seven-day vehicle impound and a criminal court date.

“Choosing to drive impaired is a criminal choice, one with significant financial consequences and unfortunately in many cases life altering and tragic outcomes,” according to Greater Sudbury police’s post. 

“Always plan ahead for a safe ride home so that you don’t end up in a situation where you are tempted to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you see an impaired driver, call 911.”

The RIDE spot checks coincided with the first weekend of Safe Ride Home Sudbury, which offers Greater Sudburians rides home in their own vehicles during the holiday season.

Safe Ride Home Sudbury works in four steps.

  • You feel unfit to drive home.
  • You phone 705-675-2255.
  • A team of two volunteers are dispatched to your location. One volunteer drives you and your passengers to your destination in your own vehicle while the other volunteer follows behind.
  • Both you and your vehicle are safely home.

Approximately 8,000 Greater Sudburians benefit from the program per year, which sees 350 volunteers travel a total of around 39,000 kilometres.