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Thefts from vehicles on the rise in Sudbury since August

Police urging citizens to 'lock it or lose it'
According to GSPS statistics, there have been more than 200 reported theft from vehicle occurrences since August of this year. File photo.

According to GSPS statistics, there have been more than 200 reported theft from vehicle occurrences since August of this year. 

The majority of these thefts are occurring in vehicles that have been left unlocked. 

The highest number of reports have been in the New Sudbury and Minnow Lake area, with the second highest number being reported from Bell Park/Science North area to Lorne Street. 

Most of the incidents occur at night and in the individual’s driveway, however there have been occurrences reported in parking lots at night as well.

Greater Sudbury Police Service is encouraging citizens to ensure that they lock their vehicles when they are not occupied. Victims of these thefts are also encouraged to report these crimes to the police.

Citizens are asked to provide as much detail as possible when reporting a theft from vehicle including: the date in which the theft may have occurred, the time that the theft may have occurred between, a detailed description of what was stolen and if you have a security camera, any video footage of the occurrence.

These crimes can be reported through the GSPS online reporting system; Coplogic through the Greater Sudbury Police Service website by clicking on the Online Crime Reporting link. 

Reporting these incidents to Police assists the Service and Officers in knowing where the crimes are occurring. Officers are then able to serve the community more effectively through focused patrols based on crime statistics.

Motorists are urged not to keep personal documents such as vehicle ownership, insurance slips, credit card invoices, etc. in their vehicles. 

"Identity thieves are looking for such documents so they can assume identities, secure credit card accounts, lease vehicles, and even take out a mortgage against victims’ properties without their knowledge," said GSPS news release.

"Victims may not realize they have been victimized until it is too late, costing them time and money to rectify the damage."

Further prevention tips include:

  • Ensure your doors are always locked and the key is in your pocket
  • Always park in well-lit areas
  • Never leave money or other valuables out in the open
  • Always roll up your car windows
  • Put shopping bags and other parcels in the trunk
  • Ensure a portable GPS is put in a safe, out of sight location
  • Keep your vehicle registration certificate and proof of insurance on you
  • Take electronics, including your cell phone, with you
  • Do not leave your car running while unattended
  • If parking in the same parking lot often, be sure to park in different spots each day

For more information about preventing thefts from vehicles, visit the Greater Sudbury Police Service Crime Prevention website at