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Video: Bystander films as Sudbury police bust in apartment door to make an arrest

Man claims police brutality as he's arrested, now faces several charges; police say he resisted arrest and 'physical control techniques' were used

Editor's note: The above video does contain some foul language.

A Sudbury man is facing several charges after he was arrested Sunday at a residence in Minnow Lake.

An acquaintance of the man, someone with the moniker 'Jaay Sheps,' posted a video of the arrest on Facebook. In it, the person being arrested can be heard claiming he was being assaulted by police, and urged Jaay Sheps to record the incident.

The suspect appears to be struck in the face in the instant when police charge into the apartment. In an email, Greater Sudbury Police spokesperson Kaitlyn Dunn confirmed the incident took place on Bancroft Drive.

The suspect allegedly kicked and punched a vehicle, causing $500 in damage. Police were called around 8:20 p.m. to the area on an unrelated matter Sunday, Dunn said. While in the vicinity, they were informed of the apparent vandalism.

Officers gathered pertinent details, Dunn said, and sought out the suspect. When they located him, they told the man he was under arrested for mischief and breach of probation and recognizance.

“The man walked away from the officers,” Dunn said in the email. “One of the officers attempted to grab the man to affect the arrest and the man pulled away from the officer, fleeing into the residence.

“Officers actively pursued the man to the residence and once again told the man again that he was under arrest. The man slightly opened the door while concealing his body and hands from the officers.”

At that point, police forcibly pushed the door open and “used physical control techniques to distract the man, gain control and affect an arrest,” she said in the email. It appears the lead officer strikes the man across the face as he storms into the room.

The man who was arrested is charged with mischief, two counts of failure to comply with probation order, escaping lawful custody and failure to comply with recognizance.

“The matter is before the courts,” Dunn said. 

Back in July, police used similar "physical control techniques" to arrest a skateboarder in the downtown core who was accused of trespassing and resisting arrest.