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Man transported to hospital after running naked through downtown

Apprehended but not charged, police say man was ‘disoriented’ and behaving erratically

Editor's note: The video that accompanied this story has been removed. 

Video circulating on social media this week shows a naked man running through downtown Sudbury.

Filmed July 23 and posted to YouTube by Kris Rydholm, the video shows a man running east on Elm Street before turning south on Durham Street. Another man is chasing him, yelling angrily that his children were exposed to the man’s nude form.

In the video, the man runs along Durham until he comes to the Cedar Street intersection when he suddenly stops, drops to his knees and puts his hands in the air. A GSPS cruiser rolls into the frame moments later and officers arrest the man.

Police spokesperson Kaitlyn Dunn said GSPS received a call at about 8:50 p.m. on Tuesday about the man. has learned the man had been asked to leave the Hardrock 42 Gastropub on Elm Street after he walked into the restaurant. 

He then proceeded along Elm Street, Dunn said, flashing pedestrians and traffic.

“Officers approached the man who appeared disoriented and manic,” Dunn said. “Due to the man’s erratic behaviour he was apprehended and transported to hospital to receive treatment.”

No charges were laid.