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Video: Road rage turns physical, but the dash camera sees all

Man slapped after giving driver the finger on The Kingsway

The man who was slapped during a road rage incident caught on camera, says he is still shaken up over what happened.

On Aug. 5, Blake Grenier was preparing to undergo his seventh chemotherapy treatment. Not knowing how the next round of treatment was going to go, the 36-year-old decided to treat himself to Starbucks and a little retail therapy. 

Instead, his day of relaxation took a turn for the worse.

After turning right on The Kingsway from Silver Hills Drive, Grenier says he noticed a silver SUV approaching the intersection but figured he had enough time to make the turn.

"I don't think I cut him off," Grenier said. "There was more than enough time. (But) he was speeding pretty quickly and it looked like he was going to rearend me."

Having been rearended in the past, Grenier admits he gave the driver the finger when the SUV came up beside him.

"I thought he was gone, but all of a sudden he came right back behind me ... then he decided to take it to the next level."

The SUV followed Grenier as he turned right onto Barrydowne Road towards Marcus Drive. 

A dash cam video captured by another vehicle travelling on Marcus Drive and provided to, shows the silver SUV swerve around Grenier's car, forcing him to come to a sudden stop in the parking lot entrance beside the LCBO.

The man driving the SUV gets out of his vehicle and approaches the driver's side window of Grenier's car. 

The man appears to be aggressive, yelling and wagging his finger. Then the man reaches inside the car through the window and appears to slap Grenier.

"I couldn't believe it," Grenier told "After he hit me, I congratulated him on hopefully assaulting his first and only (and) last cancer patient."

Grenier, who has stage 4 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, reported the incident to the Greater Sudbury Police Service, along with the licence plate number, description of the vehicle and the dash cam footage he received from a witness.

After speaking with police, Grenier says he was hesitant to take legal action but he has since decided to press charges against the man who slapped him.

"I do think he should be made an example out of," Grenier said. "Everybody has road rage but there's just a certain way to deal with it

It's not okay to get out of your car and assault somebody."

The 42-year-old man was charged with assault and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.