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Woman says man impersonating police officer was following her home after traffic stop on The Kingsway

Greater Sudbury Police looking for witnesses who may have seen a white Dodge Charger with blue and red emergency lights in the area

Greater Sudbury Police are investigating a suspicious incident after a woman said she was stopped by a man impersonating a police officer on The Kingsway. 

Police were notified of the incident Jan. 18.

The exact time and location of the incident are unknown, but it is believed that the incident took place sometime after 10:10 a.m. in the westbound lanes heading towards downtown on The Kingsway.

The driver of what is believed to be a white Dodge Charger with blue and red emergency lights stopped a female driver on The Kingsway and asked her where she was going.

When the woman said she was going to work, the man told her that she was not essential and to return home.

The woman then turned around and began to drive towards Barrydowne Road when she noticed that the white vehicle was following her.

The vehicle continued to follow her until she reached the area of Falconbridge Road, where the vehicle continued on its way.

Due to the odd interaction, the woman did not feel comfortable returning home, and called a coworker, who suggested that she contact police.

The man that conducted the traffic stop is described as being tall with brown eyes. He was wearing a black toque, black face mask, black fleece vest and a radio attached to the vest and a white winter jacket.

A patrol officer visited multiple businesses along The Kingsway on Jan. 19 to obtain video footage. At this time, none of the video footage obtained shows the traffic stop, but additional follow up is required. 

The investigation into this incident is ongoing.

Anyone with information related to this incident, the described vehicle, the driver of the described vehicle or a similar incident is asked to contact the Greater Sudbury Police Service at 705-675-9171.

“Please be aware that the Stay-at-Home Order does not give police officers the authority to conduct a traffic stop or stop a person on the street for the sole purpose of determining the intended destination or reason behind your travels,” Greater Sudbury Police said in the press release. 

“Community members are not compelled to explain why they are out of their residence, and being outside prima facie is not evidence of failure to comply with the Stay-at-Home Order. There is no power under Ontario Regulation 11/21 to enter dwellings for the purpose of enforcement.”

“While our main approach is to engage with community members explaining the new orders and encouraging compliance in order to protect the health and well-being of our community, our officers will continue to focus enforcement efforts on restaurants and businesses not in compliance with the closure orders and/or customer limits, as well as responding to complaint calls for indoor and outdoor gatherings that pose an elevated risk to the health of our community.”