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?Friend? cheats seniors of $115,000

A Sudbury senior who contrived an elaborate scheme to bilk an elderly couple out of almost $115,000 will find out in November whether or not she?s going to jail. Shirley Lebel, 64, pleaded guilty Wednesday to fraud over $5,000.

Former financial adviser needs cash

Pierre Montpellier, who faces more than 300 fraud and theft charges, was turned down for legal aid and filed a motion asking the province to help pay for his legal bills. Montpellier will be in court Oct. 30 to set a date for a preliminary hearing.

Bookkeeper charged

A Sudbury woman faces fraud charges after a bookkeeper was charged by Greater Sudbury police with embezzling more than $51,000 from a local business.

Drug bust

A Sudbury man, 34, faces drug-trafficking charges after members of the drug enforcement section of the OPP investigated a marijuana-growing operation north of Massey in the Whiskey Lake area earlier this week.

?Bud Girl? fired after being charged with drunk driving

BY KEITH LACEY After being found guilty of drunk driving earlier this week, Lisa Mitchell has become part of a cause célèbre and has appeared on CTV and CNN.

Councilor charged with careless driving

Elliot Lake city councilor Rosario Capillo has been charged with careless driving in connection with a fatal collision on Hwy. 17 in Walford on June 25. Margaret Reid, 68, was killed when Capillo, 69, crossed into the westbound lane and hit her car.

Greater Sudbury needs complete review of fire services: former chief

By Keith Lacey Despite the negative publicity and outpouring of public grief that followed a deadly house fire in Hanmer 16 months ago, City of Greater Sudbury council enacted the least expensive option to improve fire services in Valley East.

Investigation continues into fatal accident

An accident on Regent Street yesterday resulted in the death in one man and closed the southbound side of road for most of the afternoon.

Eye in the Sky report

By Keith Lacey The downtown Lions Eye in the Sky caught several criminal acts on video, which led to numerous arrests in July.

Inquest told furnace may have started deadly fire

By Keith Lacey A malfunctioning natural gas furnace that spit flames and ignited some clothes on a basement clothesline appears to have caused a deadly house fire in Hanmer 16 months ago.