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Victim blinded

BY KEITH LACEY Two local men have been committed to stand trial in relation to the beating of another man who was blinded in his right eye after being kicked and punched repeatedly earlier this year.

Justice system not designed to handle welfare fraud cases

BY KEITH LACEY An expert in poverty law and Employment Insurance (EI) told a coronerÂ?s jury, people who commit welfare fraud should not be dealt with under CanadaÂ?s criminal justice system.

Police did nothing wrong during incident where Chelmsford man took his own life

The head of the Special Investigations Unit has decided all evidence points to suicide in the death of 42-year-old Chelmsford man Michael Karchie. SIU director John A.

Brothers fighting mother for custody of sister

BY RICK PUSIAK Steve, Marc and Serge Gravel say they have nowhere else to turn. Steve, Marc and Serge Gravel are asking the Children?s Aid Society to remove their sister from their mother?s care.

Single mothers living on welfare ?desperate?

BY KEITH LACEY A coronerÂ?s jury was given numerous examples of some of the acts of desperation single mothers on social assistance resort to in order to survive.

Mayoral candidate still on ballot despite conviction

BY KEITH LACEY David Popescu?s criminal conviction for assaulting his mother won?t affect his campaign for mayor.

Bookkeeper who stole gets house arrest

A bookkeeper who stole $52,000 from her employer was spared a jail sentence Friday.

Religious zealot guilty of assaulting elderly mother

BY KEITH LACEY Unless a religious Sudbury man is willing to accept counselling and change his behaviour toward his frail, elderly mother, he won?t be able to return home. After a full-day trial Wednesday, Justice A.J.

Man admits he beat gay teen

BY KEITH LACEY The Crown is expected to ask for a lengthy jail sentence for a young Sudbury man accused of taunting, following and then severely beating a gay teenager and throwing him down a set of stairs three months ago.

Poverty bad for health, medical officer of health testifies

SudburyÂ?s medical officer of health told a coronerÂ?s jury Friday itÂ?s virtually impossible to lead a healthy lifestyle if you are a single person living on social assistance. Dr.