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Three young offenders face charges after recent rampage

Three young offenders face 27 criminal charges after members of the Greater Sudbury Police Service's street crime unit acted on information from the uniform division in relation to several incidents in the city's South End in late May.

Three youths charged in May 2003 crime spree

At least three young offenders are to blame for a series of incidents in the city's south end, according to the Greater Sudbury Police Service. The break-ins and thefts have earned the offenders, who can't be identified, 27 criminal charges.

Trucking company boss faces charges in $3 million train crash

A trucking company owner facing charges relating to a train accident that caused almost $3 million in damages in April of 2003 in Capreol accepted some legal advice Monday, even though he will still represent himself at a preliminary hearing next wee

Crime and punishment

BY BILL BRADLEY Organized crime is everywhere and ripping you off, says former RCMP officer Chris Mathers. Mathers is the author of Crime School: Money Laundering, True Crime Meets the World of Business and Finance.

Cop worried about woman?s safety but his date tells another story

BY KEITH LACEY A veteran Sudbury police constable will have to wait most of the summer to find out if heÂ?s been found guilty of assaulting his date.

Grisly crash kills 38 cows

Around 3 am on Monday morning, a tractor trailer carrying about 38 cows, left the Southwest Sudbury Bypass highway and crashed into a rock cut. The aftermath was a macabre scene with bits of twisted metal mixed with the moans of dying cattle.

Robber who has cleaned up life will discover fate after school year

BY SCOTT HUNTER HADDOW A young Sudbury man who has spent the last 14 months trying to rebuild his life was spared sentencing Tuesday until he finishes school.

Man gets jail term for assaulting girlfriend

BY SCOTT HUNTER HADDOW While serving a conditional sentence for an aggravated assault, Rodney Nahwegezhic committed several violent acts against his ex-girlfriend, and then turned his rage on police officers in early 2004.

Woman who stole from charity avoids jail sentence

SCOTT HUNTER HADDOW Paulette Pokonzie has had a hard life, yet she always found time to help others out in the community. On Jan.

Sweat lodge at jail aimed to help native inmates

BY LAURA STEVENS The Sudbury District JailÂ?s yard is now a place for spritual healing for native inmates. Once used as a recreational ground for inmates, the yard is now the home of a full-sized teepee, or sweat lodge. Ontario Lt.- Gov. James K.