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Collision centre extends hours

In anticipation of more vehicle collisions on slick winter roads, the Collision Reporting Centre in Azilda will be extending its hours starting next week.

?I just don?t want it happening to other people?

BY KEITH LACEY A woman broke down in tears recalling why she changed her mind and decided to file criminal charges against a Sudbury doctor two years ago.

Citizen apprehends woman after late-night ride

One woman's joy ride came to an abrupt end when the stolen vehicle she's accused of driving got stuck on a front lawn. According to Greater Sudbury Police, the 22 year-old woman stole a van from a Prine St. residence Tuesday around 3 am.

Community COP program launched

BY KEITH LACEY A 12-month pilot project aimed at making the community safer will be launched by Greater Sudbury Police Service Thursday. The Citizens on Patrol (COP) program will be operated in Capreol and Nickel Centre.

Testimony continues in doctor?s trial

BY KEITH LACEY A woman now in her early 40s testified Friday she had just turned 15 when she visited Dr. Richard Nanka-Bruce after telling her mother she wanted to go on birth control pills.

Charges laid in moose hunt

A stakeout on the opening day of moose hunting season has led to 153 charges being laid against 13 hunters and 35 other people from the Toronto area. One hunter had 31 moose tags. On Oct.

Social worker found guilty of sexual assault

BY KEITH LACEY A social worker at a Sudbury group home has been found guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old female resident on two separate occasions last July.

Robbery suspect remains at large

Greater Sudbury Police were one step behind a couple of crooks last night who robbed three corner stores in a span of 45 minutes. The first robbery complaint came at 12:27 am from a corner store on The Kingsway.

Second woman testifies at doctor?s sexual assault trial

BY KEITH LACEY A Chelmsford woman testified Thursday at the trial of a physician charged with numerous counts of sexually assaulting female patients.

Holiday hit and run

A Sunday night hit and run has the Sudbury detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police hunting for a white transport cab with no trailer attached. The truck crossed the centre line on Highway 69 at around 9 pm and hit a small car.