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Fraud warnings

There are two fraud-related schemes circulating through the Sudbury district at the moment: counterfeit $100 bills and a phone scam.

Cops ask city for more dough

Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2002 City council will be asked to approve on a police budget pegged at $27.3 million, an increase of 7.2 per cent over last year. Sudbury police services board member were briefed Monday night on the 2002 operating budget.

Crown ponders special offender application

By Keith Lacey Sudbury?s Crown attorney?s office has taken the rare step of ordering a psychological assessment in what could lead to a dangerous offender application against a notorious Sudbury criminal.

Three robberies target area businesses over weekend

There were three robberies over the weekend in the Greater City of Sudbury. The description of the suspect in all robberies is similar, although police havenÂ?t yet indicated itÂ?s the same person. The first robbery occurred on Friday night (Feb.

Murder accomplice pleaded guilty after his former girlfriend testified

By Keith Lacey Friday, Feb.

?Everything normal? during shift before blast killed partner

By Keith Lacey James Plummer?s partner testified she believed ?everything was normal, so normal? the night an accidental blast killed her partner and friend three years ago.

Sixteenth conviction for drunk driver

BY KEITH LACEY SudburyÂ?s most notorious drunk driver is behind bars once again. Larry Teskey, 52, was found drunk behind the wheel for an incredible 16th time after he got into a collision with another vehicle in early August 2000.

Less crime in '01

Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2002 Greater Sudbury Police Service statistics show a continuing decrease in crime in 2001. Year-to-date figures indicate a 21.3 per cent decrease in break and enters for the period ending Nov.

See you in September

By Keith Lacey Even though he didn?t believe the accused?s version of events, Justice John Poupore acquitted a man charged with severely beating another man outside a Sudbury bar 18 months ago.

Long-term offender released

BY KEITH LACEY A Sudbury man who has spent the majority of his adult life behind bars will be released from jail within days. A judge has warned him itÂ?s time to straighten out his life or face the rest of his life in an institution.