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In focus: Great horned owl cuddle time

Gina Cloutier snaps a wonderful photo of an owl and her young
Gina Cloutier spent years hoping to photograph an owl. She got her chance recently when she snapped this image of a mother great horned owl and her two owlets.

Gina Cloutier told she had, for years, hoped to snap an owl. She finally got her chance recently and captured the above image of a great horned owl and her two owlets, cuddling in their nest.

“I was given a tip to where this beautiful female horned owl was and to my surprise she had two owlets in the nest. I sure would’ve loved to have been closer to her, but I kept my distance to respect her.” loves to get photos from readers: landscapes, cityscapes, animals and people, rural and urban — the sky’s the limit. Send your images to [email protected]