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Cubs tap Dave Clancy as new general manager

Clancy is a long coach and manager in the Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League
Dave Clancy is the associate coach and general manager of the Greater Sudbury Cubs.

The Greater Sudbury Cubs have announced that Associate Coach Dave Clancy has been named the team’s new general manager.

Clancy is taking the GM reins from Jeff Forsyth, who is resigning after three seasons at the helm. Clancy has been the interim GM since June.

“We have all of the faith in the world that Dave Clancy can build this team into a  championship contender along with Head Coach Darryl Moxam and our scouting  staff,” said team owner Mark Burgess in a news release. “Dave is very dedicated and works effectively as a leader whether he is coaching, scouting or managing junior hockey teams. Dave has dedicated himself to working for the Cubs on a full-time basis and this additional  responsibility will allow him to take more of a leadership role in all areas of the team.” 

Thanking Forsyth for charting the course, Clancy said his focus is on building a “hockey club that Sudbury fans will be very proud to be a part of.”

“We have more decisions to make regarding the signing of returning and new players and those decisions are happening as we speak,” Clancy said. “Thanks to Jeff (Forsyth), we have a solid group of returning players, and we are looking forward to confirming the commitment of some key players in the very near future. Coach Darryl Moxam and myself look forward to building a hockey club that Sudbury fans will be very proud to be a part of.”