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Five strike back against Titans 112 to 84

Sudbury Five and the KW Titans now tied a game apiece in best-of-five semi-final
180522_sudbury five jaylen bland
The Five's Jaylen Bland.

The Sudbury Five struck back in game two of their semi-final series against the KW Titans on May 17.

Not only did the Kings of the Underground win at home, but they did it decisively, squishing the Titans 112-84.

This means each team has a win apiece in their five-game series. The Titans took the first game 122-116

The dominating presence of Jaylen Bland led the Five with 30 points — with 31 of those points coming off three-pointers — while newly awarded Newcomer of The Year Jeremy Harris pitched in 24 points and 12 rebounds in his 43 minutes of play. 

With 1,300 fans in attendance, Dexter Williams Jr. also managed to net 18 points for the Five, with Braylon Rayson, Georges Serresse and Jason Calliste rounding out the scoring. 

Titans scoring came from Tyrrel Tate, Joel Kindred, Jesse Jones and Jabari Craig. 

Field goal percentages were almost equal for the sparring teams, as were rebounds, but the three-point percentages showed The Five doubling the Titans’ 19.2-per-cent success rate, sinking 18 of their 45 attempts. 

Free throws also helped push up the score with the Five scoring 16 of the 22 attempts, but not without challenge from the Titans, who sunk 15 of 23 attempts. 

The Five will have a chance to take lead in the semi-final series in game three on May 20 in Kitchener-Waterloo.