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Here’s your chance to shake hands with Leafs superfan Dart Guy

Former Sudburian Jason Maslakow found widespread notoriety during the playoffs
Dart Guy (better known as Jason Maslakow) is returning to Sudbury, his hometown, for a meet and greet at Overtime Sports Bar and Grill. (Supplied)

Back in early April, Jason Maslakow was just another diehard Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

That was until, during a game in Washington against the Capitals, his face, sporting the blue Leafs logo complete with blue beard, a cigarette hanging from his lips, flashed across people’s TV screens.

A meme was born.

Maslakow went from being just another fan to being the team’s unofficial mascot. His face was photoshopped onto just about anything you can think of. He was featured on and interviewed by media outlets in Canada and the U.S. His Twitter account (@DartGuy) boasted 14,000 followers

Now Maslakow may live in Waterloo now, but he’s a Nickel City boy through and through. This transplanted Sudburian will be back in his hometown this week for those who would like to shake his hand.

On June 2 (Friday), Maslakow will be at Overtime Sports Bar and Grill for a meet and greet event from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. 

“This Meet & Greet is for anyone that metaphorically bleeds blue; you may want a photo with the blue bearded semi-official Maple Leafs’ mascot too,” the bar said in a news release.

“A true Toronto Maple Leafs die-hard fan, we are excited that he will be visiting us and greeting our guests,” said Attilio Langella Overtime Sports Bar and Grill owner.


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