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Photos: Sudbury Spartans suffer a tough loss in their season opener

Junior Varsity team falls to a 21-20 OT final against the York Lions

The Sudbury Spartans Junior Varsity team suffered a tough 21-20 OT loss in their season opener Saturday, hosting top ranked contender, the York Lions, on the dewey fields of the James Jerome Sports Complex. 

The first quarter was a scoreless, defensive battle, with Spartans offense struggling to manage the quarterback and centre exchange. Despite Sudbury missing a couple of good looking drives, the scoreboard stayed open till the second quarter, with the Lions producing very little in regards to offense. 

Lion's quarterback Scotty Barnett got the ball rolling in the second, racing down the field for a touchdown to give York a 7-0 lead. Spartans' quarterback Devin Zloty was quick to respond, sending a bullet to the hands of wide reciever Blake Ramalho for a touchdown. 

With only 13 days of practice prior to the contest, Sudbury had no field goal kicker ready for the game, which meant the team had to go for two-point conversions after each touchdown. 

Catching this momentum, Zloty snatched the pigskin from the goal line and ran it down the field to give Sudbury a 14-7 advantage at the half. 

There was no action on the scoreboard in the third quarter, as both teams struggled to get a handle on the ball.

Feeling the heat, York put together a long drive in fourth to tie the game 14-14 with less than a minute left to play.

York was quick to establish a lead in overtime, bringing the score to 21-14 off a long-distance 35-yard touchdown. A solid team effort by the Spartans brought the game within one, but it was not enough to keep York from claiming a 21-20 final in the season opener. 

The Sudbury Spartans Junior Varsity team will face off against North Bay 4 p.m. on June 1, at the James Jerome Sports Complex.