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Team activates Five coach Logan Stutz as a player and fans are freaking out

Turns out there's a pretty mundane reason for it

Late on the evening of March 3, the following, rather cryptic, post appeared on a fan page for the Sudbury Five, the Sudbury Five Fanatics:

Some speculated the post was some kind of hoax, but it turns out that isn't the case at all. A fan got the news straight from the horse's mouth as it were, by visiting the Transactions page on the National Basketball League of Canada website.

There, next to the date March 3, 2020, the NBLC reported the Five had not only released player Carl Lewis III, but had activated Stutz, the team's head coach, as a player-coach.

Fans wondered rightly: What the heck is going on? reached out to Miranda Swain, the marketing manager for SW Sports and Entertainment, which owns the Five. As it turns out, the answer was kind of mundane.

"Logan will only play in an emergency situation tomorrow night (March 5) if required," Swain said. "It is unlikely, but if there is an injury or too many players get fouled out, he may need to step in. We are currently in the middle of a long road trip out east and are down a player."

So as unlikely as it might be, the Sudbury Five Fanatics page and at least one fan who commented are pretty excited at the prospect of seeing the Five's head coach lace up for a game.

"Odds are that he's in there as a place holder or for emergency purposes ... But I can dream, can't I?" the administrator of the Fanatics page posted.

While fan Patrick Drolet posted it "would be unreal to see him in action!!"

We're sure a lot of other fans would agree.