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Wrapping up another great Coach of the Year contest

Editor's note: Ingrid Mackin, 19, is Coach of the Year for 2001,( Wednesday. Feb. 6 issue.
Editor's note: Ingrid Mackin, 19, is Coach of the Year for 2001,( Wednesday. Feb. 6 issue.) We thought you would enjoy reading about some of the nominees:
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2001 Coach of the Year - Ingrid Mackin
My coaches are good teachers and help us learn how to play together. They let us play scrimmages and ice soccer in practices. Their practices are a lot of fun. They bought us a new hat and they always cheer for us. I play for the Pat and Mario's Dragons hockey team (tyke). My coaches names are Denis Michel and Rob Dent.

Alex Mulloy
My dad Cornel Jasinsky is coach of the Algonquin Hawks Atom Hockey team. New players are always welcome to join the hockey team. My dad encourages us to play hockey for the fun of playing together as a team. Whether our game is a win or loss is not important as long as we try our best. We are taught to respect each other and the members of the opposing team. My dad gives extra encouragement and attention to the boys who do not have a father at home.

Always at the end of the game my dad says everyone did their best and wasn't that a good game! After playing hockey together for five years all team members are friends of mine and the team and parents are just like one big family. So far this season we have played 15 games - 13 won and 2 games tied.
I nominate my dad Cornel Jasinsky for coach of the year.

I thank you.
Peter Jasinsky
I think Bob Pilon should be coach of the year because he spends a lot of time with our badminton team so we can improve and do well at tournaments. Plus it's all on his own time and he doesn't have to do it but he does.

If it weren't for him we wouldn't have a badminton team as good as we have. He is always willing to have new players join the team and he will never turn anyone away. If you want to learn how to play badminton he is the one to teach you.

He spends many hours of his weekend with the players on the Lo-Ellen Park (LEP) team and we really appreciate it, sir. He takes us to tournaments out of town so we can become better players.

LEP wouldn't even have a badminton team if it weren't for Mr. Pilon's dedication to our team and the school. Many schools don't even have a team and I think we are very fortunate at LEP to even have a team and to be coached by a top badminton player who himself is the best.

He might get mad at us when we are doing something wrong, but there is always a reason for it, and it usually pays off in the end.

He should have been nominated a long time ago for what he does for our badminton team and I thought it was about time he got some recognition for what he does. I myself am a new badminton player but being with Mr. Pilon for one month has really changed my skills at the sport and I am really enjoying it.

I have a couple more years at LEP and I am looking forward to the competition in the higher grades. I'm sure I speak for the whole LEP team when I write this letter. Mr. Pilon you are the best and we appreciate what you have done for the whole badminton team.

Emily Savignac
My name is Steve Smith Jr., my brother Scott and I would like to nominate our dad, Steve Smith Sr. for coach of the year. He coaches both our hockey teams, which are the OPP Strike Force novice and atom house league teams.

He devotes all his spare time to coaching all our practices, games and tournaments which is a lot of work not only for one team but for two. Our calendar at home is always full. I'm surprised that he can remember all 28 players' names as there are kids on the atom team and their brothers or sisters are on the novice team.

My dad not only teaches us great skills but he does lots of fun stuff too. It's great that he teaches us new plays but he also keeps the fun in hockey.

So on behalf of myself, my brother and all the players on our teams, we would like to say Thank You Dad for another great season.

With love, sons Steve and Scott.
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2000 Coach of the Year-Battista Muredda
I would like to put forward the name of Kevin Roach as Coach of the Year 2001. Kevin coaches the Sudbury Canadians girls soccer team, for girls born in 1987. He gives so much to our girls, it is difficult to know where to start detailing his accomplishments and accolades.

Without apology Kevin admits that outside of his family and work at Brake Parts Canada, soccer is his life. He grew up playing soccer himself in Sudbury, playing competitively from the age of 11, and representing Sudbury throughout Ontario. He even played semi-pro before returning home and settling into work and raising a family. His wife Etta is a dedicated soccer volunteer and both his teenaged daughters, Melinda and Jenna, play competitively too. He has coached them all their lives, from early recreational teams, and is always willing to give the extra time required help them become really great athletes.

He carries that dedication over to all of his team members. He seems to understand each one's needs and helps them to develop to their fullest.

Unlike some of the southern Ontario teams where tryouts and cuts can involve up to 200 girls vying for 16 places, the Sudbury Canadians team is a mix of 16 experienced and novice players.

Some have been together for several years, and some who have just come from recreational teams in the past year, some who have played the game for years, and some who have only played for a year.

His skill as a coach blends the talents together and helps each player achieve her maximum potential. His confidence in his team is palpable. They come to their practices, often work themselves to exhaustion, and leave tired, but happy. They play with heart in their games and take the good with the bad in terms of wins and losses.

Because of him, the Sudbury Canadians is a great team to play on.

Kevin believes that hailing from Sudbury need not be a liability when it comes to excellence of play. Realizing the limitations of competitions at the elite level in their age division locally, Kevin decided to enter his team in the central Ontario division this year. He faced a great deal of doubt both from the Sudbury soccer community and the southern Ontario soccer community. Many people felt that the competition would be too tough for a team from the north, and that the southern Ontario teams would be reluctant to travel all the way to Sudbury to play.

Despite this, Kevin traveled on his own time throughout the winter last year to pre-season organizational meetings in Scarborough, that took place monthly and sometimes weekly, to establish the credibility of his team as legitimate central Ontario division contenders. His dedication paid off, and the team was accepted into the division. They played very well all season, and finished in first place, surprising everyone (except Kevin) and ensuring themselves a place in the Ontario Youth Soccer League, the highest level of competition in the province, for next season.

A very significant coup!

The Sudbury Canadians have helped put Sudbury on the girls' soccer map in the province.Many coaches, parents, and team members from southern Ontario have expressed high regard for the determination our team showed in fair play, teamwork, skill, and perseverance. Frankly, they could not actually believe that a little team from the north was beating them so consistently. Many were also pleasantly surprised that when they did make the trip north, they found Sudbury to be a wonderful city with great attractions, and many plan to return.

As a further spinoff to the high calibre of play Kevin exposed the girls to this summer, many were invited to compete for positions on the provincial team.

Kevin's determination has definitely infected his team in a very positive way. He is taking them on a March Break 2002 trip to Disney World due in large part to fundraising efforts he has established over the years, exclusively for their benefit.

As parents we could not be more supportive of Kevin and his work with our daughters. Their hard work spills over into working hard at school, having a positive, healthy self-image, and being very focused but balanced individuals. In our opinion, Kevin Roach is most deserving of the Coach of the Year Award.

A Proud Soccer Parent