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Young athletes sing praises of their favourite coach

Editor's note: Ingrid Mackin, 19, is Coach of the Year for 2001,( Wednesday. Feb. 6 issue.) We thought you would enjoy reading about some of the nominees: *** Hi my name is Hazel Cole. I would like to nominate Dale Beausoleil for coach of the year.
Editor's note: Ingrid Mackin, 19, is Coach of the Year for 2001,( Wednesday. Feb. 6 issue.) We thought you would enjoy reading about some of the nominees:
Hi my name is Hazel Cole. I would like to nominate Dale Beausoleil for coach of the year. He is a teacher and teaches younger kids basketball and volleyball. He also is coach of Cambrian College girls volleyball team. I am sending you a piece from the newspaper to show you how good he is.
Hazel Cole
The reason for my nomination is because my coach Yvette is one of the best bowling coaches I have ever had. I am involved in many sports and have had several different coaches but none of them have been as fantastic as Yvette. I mean don't get me wrong I had good coaches. But she is one of a kind. Her dedication to the team is priceless and her amazing personality is what lights up the faces of her fellow competitors as well as friends. And also she has been a successful coach. Because of her I am going to the nationals.

Nominating Yvette as coach of the year was one of the best moves I have ever made. And even if not granted coach of 2002 she will always be number 1 to me!

Yvette you are one of a kind. Keep being yourself because I really look up to you.

Deidre Urso
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Coach of the Year 1999 - hockey coach Keith McQuoid, shown here with the young player who nominated him, Cameron Amirault.

I am writing to you regarding this coach of the year award. I find myself very lucky, as a grandmother, to be able to nominate hockey coach Steve Smith of the Atom OPP Strike Force at the Barrydowne Arena.

You see, 10 years ago, I was very sick and had to have a heart transplant in Ottawa so I'm really enjoying my second chance in life and to be able to sit on the bench at the arena with my husband Guy to watch our two grandsons Joey and Danny Desormeaux play hockey is quite a thrill.

Steve Smith is their devoted coach. He teaches them discipline, to respect each other and to play fair and good hockey. First thing, he wants is for the boys to have fun and they do.

He coaches his two son's OPP teams. So he seems to be at the arenas all the time but he loves it. He is one of the best coaches. His hockey boys love him very much and respect him for everything he does for them.

When he can, he also plays floor hockey and teaches them the art of hockey.

All the parents are cheering for him to win this award for he is quite deserving of it. He is an awesome coach to their children. My son David, who himself played hockey for 11 years when he was a young lad, and his wife Theresa really love to cheer him on.

So as grandparents, we have a lot of respect for this coach. Steve also gets a lot of help from his assistant coaches Ron Martel and Todd Lefebvre. Hats off to all coaches.

Georgette Desmomeaux
I'd like to submit the name of Brian Cepetelli for this award.

Brian has been a very important figure in Sudbury sports since the 1960s...first as an athlete, then as a coach.

For years he has headed the athletic program at St. Charles College. In this capacity he has developed young athletes, male and female; he has recruited other staff members and community volunteers to coach various sports teams; Cep has been active at the provincial level of sports through OFSSA, and has been a leader in the Sudbury Secondary Sports organization and administration.

Above all, Cep has been an enthusiastic sportsman, of high integrity and excellent values for his entire life and career.

In the past he has been chosen for awards at the provincial and local levels.

Brian is planning to retire in June.

This would be a fitting salute and thanks to him for all he has done for thousands of Sudbury and area athletes, their friends, and families.

Diane Ikonen
I would like to nominate my hockey coach, which is also my dad as coach of the year.

My dad, Dan Landry, coaches me on the IMG Shooting Stars. We are part of the Sudbury District Girls Hockey Association, atom division. He not only coaches me, he also coaches my two brothers. He is head coach for my brother Michael's team, the Sports North Atom Pat & Mario Dragons and assists with my little brother Jonathan's team the Sports North Tyke Wildcats.

On any given week my dad is on the ice or behind the bench a minimum of six times. He also plays hockey himself once or twice a week. My dad is very fair to all the players, everyone gets equal ice time all the time. After the games, whether we win or lose he always makes us feel like we've done our best and did a great job.

All my teammates along with their parents think he is a great coach. My dad has been coaching us since we started hockey in Mickey Mouse. Thanks Dad!

This is why I think he deserves Coach of the Year.

Stephanie Landry

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Coach of the Year 1998 - baseball coach Michael Blythe
Hi, my name is Kurtis Lauzon. My dad Steven Lauzon has coached me for the past five years both in hockey and in soccer. My dad has put his own sports on hold to coach myself and my brother and sister. I think my dad should be nominated as coach of the year (as he is in my eyes already). He treats all the kids equal and everything is always fair play. Win or lose my dad is always proud of us. My dad this year is assistant coach for a Sudbury Minor Hockey team, DiBrina & Assoc. Jr. Wolves, Novice AA team and this summer he will be assistant coach to me on a competitive soccer team and coaching both my sister and brother's soccer teams as well. My Dad is my hero.

Kurtis Lauzon
The girls volleyball team at Alexander P.S. believe their coach, Lee West, deserves to be the 2002 coach of the year because she has earned recognition for her excellent coaching and support.

In her six years of coaching our team, she has led us to six city championships and continues to keep her players motivated on the court and in the class.

She encourages her players to socialize with other players which in return teaches the girls good sportsmanship and a positive attitude. Mrs. West is always smiling and never gives up even in the worst situations. The Alexander Gators are lucky to have a coach as knowledgeable as Lee West.

My coaches are the best.

They are Bob Johnston and Dave Laporte. I am nine years old and this is my first year playing AA hockey. I was kind of scared at first but my coaches made me feel comfortable.

My coaches are good at teaching the kids on my team. We have got much better since the beginning of the season.

They make practices a lot of fun. They also don't yell at us on the bench. My coaches always smile and say hello to us. We might not be the best team but we have the best coaches. They work very hard at coaching our team even though they are very busy.

Mr. Johnston has six kids and Mr. Laporte has three kids but they still have time for us! We are very lucky. That is why I think they should be coaches of the year.

Jordan Mulloy