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City Councillor Mike Petryna , and communications officer for Fed Nor Peter Williams get ready for the Big Fun In The Sun Winter Carnival , a fundraiser for Friends of Camp Sudaca and Big Brothers of Sudbury. The carnival is set for Saturday, Feb.

Every coach deserves gold medal

Editor's Note: Northern Life?'s Coach of the Year for 2001 is Ingrid Mackin, 19. She is an accomplished horseman and inspires other young riders .This year's contest received a huge response.

Baseball very good to Sudbury teens

By Keith Lacey Seven young lads from Sudbury can testify hockey isn't the only game in town. name="valign" bottom > Johnathan Rush, Chris Gagnon, Louis Charbonneau (front row) and Ryan Mussen, Dan O'Connor are heading for Cocoa Beach, Fla.

Sampo gymnasts prepare for National Gymnastics Week

Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2002 Sudbury's Sampo Rhythmic Gymnastics Club is preparing for National Gymnastics Week, Feb. 10-17. Christina Roque is the coach and senior elite gymnast. The club's classes will be open to the public next week.

Jeffrey Buttle the next big thing in figure skating

By Keith Lacey When Elvis leaves the building, Sudbury's Jeffrey Buttle hopes to become the next king of Canadian figure skating.

Inspiring young riders comes naturally

By Rick Pusiak name="valign" bottom > Ingrid Mackin , 19, was recently certified by the Canadian Equestrian Federation.

Sudbury mourns respected senior athlete

Friday, Feb. 1, 2002 A local athlete who inspired many a Sudburian died Tuesday doing one of the things he loved best - running. Kurt Gelbhaar collapsed at the Sudbury Arena. He was 78. A funeral service will be held at 2 pm today (Friday) in the R.

Bring on more sports events

Over the years I have heard over and over again, from countless people, about Greater Sudbury's perceived image in the province and across the country in general.

High school sports scene

David Wilkin Lively District Secondary School Age: 17 Grade: 12 Sports: Nordic skiing, volleyball, swimming and tennis Wilkin began his final year at Lively District by participating on the senior boysÂ' volleyball team.

Little NHL ends with big news for next year

The 35th Little NHL Hockey Tournament has come and gone in Greater Sudbury with a great deal of success, but not before the seed was planted for the prestigious event to return to the Nickel City in the future.