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City, school board building huge Soccer complex at Sacre Coeur

BY CRAIG GILBERT [email protected] Greater Sudbury needs more soccer fields, and just shelled out $50,000 for a new multi-field facility at Ecole secondaire Sacre Coeur to prove it.

Laurentian varsity teams have high hopes for 2003-04

BY SCOTT HUNTER HADDOW [email protected] Laurentian University varsity sports is embarking on another season and the Voyageurs have their sights set on provincial and national success.

Hall of Fame wrestler proud to have represented Canada

BY SCOTT HUNTER HADDOW [email protected] In 1956, at the age of 23, Matti Jutila came to Sudbury from Finland to visit friends and see Canada.

Are you ready for some football?

BY SCOTT HUNTER HADDOW [email protected] The Sudbury District Secondary School Athletics Association (SDSSAA) will be hosting a football night in Sudbury at Cambrian College on Saturday, Sept. 13.

Brand new start for Rayside Sabrecats franchise

BY SCOTT HUNTER HADDOW [email protected] When starting from scratch, sometimes a recipe takes a little time to develop. This is what the Rayside Balfour Sabrecats are hoping.

Terry Fox continues to inspire millions of Canadians

BY SCOTT HUNTER HADDOW [email protected] ?Even if I don?t finish, we need others to continue. It?s got to keep going without me.? - Terry Fox, July 10, 1980.

OHL or NCAA? Players forced to decide early

BY SCOTT HUNTER HADDOW [email protected] For most 15 and 16 year olds, the biggest decision they have to make during the summer and fall is what to do next on a long, hot day.

Chelmsford farmer designs horse jumping courses throughout North America

BY SCOTT HUNTER HADDOW [email protected] Rick Smith lives week to week.

Future's bright for talented teen volleyball star

BY SCOTT HUNTER HADDOW [email protected] At the age of 17, Kristina Fabris has established herself as one of the top young volleyball players in the province and all of Canada.

Bruising brothers to play together in Ottawa

BY SCOTT HUNTER HADDOW When the University of Ottawa went looking for help to bolster their football team, they came to Sudbury and found the Kirkwood brothers, Ryan and Kyle, all 482 pounds of them.