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Benji Dittrich Construction: The leak and drainage sleuths you can rely on

Benji Dittrich Construction provides basement waterproofing, and foundation repairs throughout the Greater Sudbury area.
Benji Dittrich Spotlight Image_June 2021

Benji Dittrich Construction provides basement waterproofing, and foundation repairs throughout the Greater Sudbury area. Years of experience in the Sudbury area gives them vast knowledge about the landscape in Sudbury, (i.e., rocks, clay, etc.…) and how to deal with drainage issues, wet basements, and foundation problems.

Thanks to their reliable, experienced, honest, and professional service, homeowners can address serious issues such as improper grading, wet basements, foundation shifts, and more. What sets Benji Dittrich Construction apart is the unwavering commitment this husband-and-wife team shows on every project.

“We pride ourselves in solving foundation problems and wet basement issues,” says Bonnie. “Water problems can be very destructive and hard to solve; no two jobs are the same. We use our years of experience in this trade to solve specific foundation and drainage problems. We are ‘leaks and drainage sleuths!’ We design a plan to solve your specific drainage problem.”

Since they specialize in foundation and drainage-related repair, the duo are considered experts in the field and they are happy to share their knowledge to help educate homeowners. One of the questions they are often asked is the difference between foundation waterproofing and core fill. It is an important distinction to know to ensure the right solution is applied to the problem. One application is to prevent water entry. The other provides strength. “Our waterproof basement solutions will stop water from entering your basement and/or stop foundation deterioration,” explains Bonnie. “Core fill (also known as cell fill, masonry block fill, mortar pumping or grout pumping) fills block voids and holes to strengthen the foundation.”

She goes on to note that while core fill may help prevent some water entry, it is not designed for waterproofing. “Cement is naturally porous. Without the application of waterproofing and working weeping tile system; core fill is not meant to stop water.”

Benji Dittrich Construction ensures your property gets the right solutions so you can safely enjoy your home without worrying about water intrusion, mold, foundation shifts, and/ or improper landscaping drainage.

“We stand by our work; honesty is our policy,” says Bonnie. “We inform our clients and try to educate them on how their problem started, how it should be repaired, and how to maintain it in the future. Remember, there is no such thing as a maintenance free house.”

As the local choice that lives in and gives back to the community of Sudbury, you are always in good, experienced hands when you choose Benji Dittrich Construction to solve your wet basement and foundation issues.

“We owe our success to hard work, our great team and our wonderful, satisfied clients that seem to rave about us to others. We love that our happy customers refer us; it is great for our business. We love happy customers and look forward to solving more wet basement and drainage problems,” Bonnie concludes.

Learn more by visiting online and on Facebook. Stay tuned to their blog for advice and information every homeowner should know.