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Bringing learning to life in Rainbow Schools

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in Kindergarten.

 Do you see children building, painting, dancing, writing, pretending and exploring?

Do you hear little voices, laughter, music, reading, drumming and wondering?  

Do you catch moments of silence as children concentrate on a task at hand?

Can you picture the tiny chairs, low tables, and activity centres flooded with natural light?

What about the cozy nooks and colourful books, numbers and letters, easels and iPads, rainbows and stars? 

Can you feel the energy and sense the excitement as children become artists and astronauts, accountants and entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists, designers and developers, musicians and writers?

Four and five-year-olds are naturally inquisitive. 

Competent, capable, curious and creative, they are full of potential, eager to discover the world around them.

In Rainbow Schools, Kindergarten teachers and designated early childhood educators build on children’s interests, which provides a starting point for curriculum development and keeps children highly engaged.

The intentional classroom environment, with open-ended materials, promotes learning through play and inquiry with connections to the real world.

Together, the curriculum and the environment maximize a child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development, laying a solid foundation for education.

Children are not only playing, they’re learning all the time.

Do you wish you were a child again?

Virtual Kindergarten Information Nights 

Do you have a child starting school this fall?

Rainbow Schools in Sudbury, Espanola and Manitoulin will host virtual Kindergarten Information Nights for parents/guardians and their children.

Presentations can be accessed anytime on school websites. 

For enrolment in Kindergarten, your child must be four years of age by the end of the calendar year.

If your child is starting school for the very first time, please complete the online registration form.

After completing the online registration form, the school will contact you for your child’s identification documents including a birth certificate or birth registry/baptismal certificate, proof of residency, Ontario Health Card and an immunization record.

Access a directory of Rainbow elementary schools is here.

English and French Immersion in Rainbow Schools

Parents/guardians can enrol their children in the English Program or the French Immersion Program.

The English Program is exclusively in English. Core French instruction is introduced in Grade 4. In the Core French Program, students learn basic French for a specified period of time daily.

French Immersion immerses children in the French language, including cultural experiences, when they begin school. English language instruction is introduced in Grade 3 and gradually builds to an equal balance of French and English instruction by Grade 5. This ensures that students gain effective bilingual skills. This program is designed for English speaking parents/guardians so they may support their child to become bilingual.

To learn more about Kindergarten in Rainbow Schools, click here.