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CAA's Mobile Tire Service is back in Sudbury and better than ever

Convenience and quality meet with CAA's Mobile Tire Service bringing skilled technicians right to your door
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Say goodbye to wasting your precious free time waiting at the garage. Instead, CAA’s professional technicians will come to your home so you can unwind on your sofa while they swap your tires. 

"My wife and I can't say enough about CAA's Mobile Tire Service," said Derick from Ottawa. "The service was incredibly fast and convenient. We store our tires on shelves in our garage and the person doing our tire change collected our tires from the garage, put them on, and put the tires he removed back up on the shelves. We recommended the service to friends and family, and they were very happy with the service as well." 

This year the service is back in Sudbury and better than ever!

6 questions CAA Members ask about Mobile Tire Service 

When should I swap my winter tires? 

A good indicator that it's time to switch tires is the weekly forecast. Do you remember the seven-for-seven rule of thumb? After seven consistent days at seven degrees Celsius, you should swap to summer or all-season tires. 

Why can't I keep driving with my winter tires? 

At CAA, safety is number one – and that includes the tires you drive on. Winter tires are not designed for warm weather and will wear faster. 

What is the advantage of using all-season or summer tires once the snow is gone? 

Switching to summer or all-season tires will give you better traction on snow-free roads, making your vehicle safer to drive. 

Is Mobile Tire Service available near me? 

View this map, to see if CAA Mobile Tire service is available where you live. 

How much does it cost? 

This service is a member benefit separate from a flat tire change. The starting cost is $69.95 + tax. 

How do I make an appointment? 

Booking your appointment online is quick and easy. You can pick a time slot at least 48-hours in advance, and the technician will come to your home at the scheduled time. This spring season runs until May 31, 2022.  

Book your service online today!

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