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HSN 50/50 cash lottery for the north

Life-changing for winners and patients across Northeastern Ontario
SA -5050 Aug 26

The HSN 50/50 Cash Lottery for the North has made dreams come true for fourteen lucky winners across Northeastern Ontario – one winning a jackpot close to $1 million – and it has had a big impact on patient care at Health Sciences North (HSN) since it was launched in June 2020. 

With over $10.7 million in total ticket sales since the lottery began, half of that amount was awarded as jackpot prizes and the other half to support the highest-priority needs of HSN through the work of the three Foundations – HSN Foundation, NEO Kids Foundation and the Northern Cancer Foundation – and HSN Volunteer Association. It’s a win, win for everyone in the community and beyond. 

The HSN 50/50 at was launched near the start of the pandemic when in-person fundraising events and initiatives were placed on pause. The Foundations and Volunteer Association launched the lottery together as a means to engage with the broader community, while continuing to support the people and the patients at the heart of HSN. 

While the lottery has been life-changing for the winners, it is making a difference in the lives of those living with cancer; how the tiniest patients receive specialized pediatric care; and ensuring equipment is in place when needed to provide quality patient care. 

Funds raised to date have helped purchase much-needed pieces of equipment for better patient care at HSN, including life-saving devices like a fleet of new defibrillators for the Emergency Department, two Colonscopes, two Drager Jaundice Meters to streamline screening practices for the NEO Kids and Family Program Birthing Centre, two Exera Video Processors used for endoscopy and Lightsources to target cancer cells for patients at the Northeast Cancer Centre, six dialysis chairs for the Nephrology department, a new breast vacuum biopsy system for the Breast Screening and Assessment Service and two infant incubators for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The success of the HSN 50/50 lottery, which incorporates monthly early bird prizes, is due to the tremendous support of people living in communities near and far. Every day, patients rely on quality health services at HSN and the lottery is playing a vital part in ensuring that they receive the care they need, close to home. 

December’s HSN 50/50 jackpot winner of $585,478 captured the essence of the HSN 50/50 lottery when he found out he won! “This is truly life changing for me and my family,” said John Joy, who travels for work and will be able to spend more time at home with his family. “We always support local charities and organizations without expecting to win. This is an added bonus, as the hospital wins as well.” 

Learn more about the HSN 50/50 Cash Lottery for the North at (License #: 1207935) and how it’s making an impact on patient care by visiting: HSN Foundation at; NEO Kids Foundation at; the Northern Cancer Foundation at

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