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Is gaming a viable option for discovering romantic relationships?

Finding love through video games amidst the pandemic
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Valentine’s Day is traditionally a time when people show their affection for the people they love, usually through romantic gestures and gifts.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it much more difficult for people to meet potential love interests with whom they may have shared Valentine’s Day under normal circumstances.

With social distancing practices making traditional activities synonymous with finding love much harder to pursue, could the COVID-safe activity of playing video games be a potential way of meeting love interests during this time?

One individual who met his significant other through video games is Quentin Morimoto-Whiting from Calgary, Alberta. 

Morimoto-Whiting met his partner online over Xbox Live in 2019. The pair hit it off while playing online multiplayer games like Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty, and Morimoto-Whiting said that gaming was integral in the two of them connecting.

“Gaming absolutely played a big factor in our relationship. It allowed us to meet and gave us common ground to bond over,” Morimoto-Whiting said. “We were both passionate about it, and were able to have experiences within gaming to grow the connection further.”

Such experiences included “trying to survive zombie hordes” in Left 4 Dead, competing to get first place in Mario Kart, as well as “showing off new villagers and island changes” in Animal Crossing, Morimoto-Whiting mentioned.

And while Morimoto-Whiting admits that finding love through video games may never be as common as methods like dating apps, he believes that it could be a viable option for others willing to try.

“Gaming, in my opinion, is a very good way to find out if your personality will be compatible with another individual, as gaming can be some of the most interesting relationship building you can do,” Morimoto-Whiting said. “Co-operation when your digital life is on the line will really make or break a connection. While on the flip side there are many relaxing games that can help people bond together as well.”

One interesting development that reinforces Morimoto-Whiting’s stance that video games could be a valid method of finding love is the growing popularity of Kippo

Kippo is a unique and new dating app created for gamers specifically. The app allows members to create profiles, share gamer-focused interests, and match with other gamers they may want to explore a romantic relationship with (while simultaneously gaming together too, of course). To read more about how this gamer-centric dating app has risen in popularity amidst the pandemic, check out this Forbes article here.

Whether it be through the use of a gamer-friendly dating app, or by simply meeting and connecting with other gamers through online multiplayer games like League of Legends, there are many different options for gamers today to find romance or friendship.

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