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Local employment services agency offers retraining and upskilling opportunities

Helping job-seekers fill the gaps caused by COVID-19
SUD Spotlight image_Spark Employment Services_Feb 24, 2021

Sudbury-based Spark Employment Services (Spark) continually focuses on its mission to deliver services that guide individuals through the process of defining their path forward and creating a future that includes meaningful work. By assisting job-seekers to acquire the skills necessary to become employable, Spark offers a wide-range of programs that enhance employability skills or upgrade existing skill set.

Together with a team of qualified Specialists, clients can begin to work on the steps needed to turn their vision into reality. Specialists help job seekers to increase self-awareness and prepare a job search strategy to secure meaningful employment. Clients have different needs and backgrounds; therefore, Specialists will work to identify the most appropriate route for each individual. 

For some, retraining in a new industry or upskilling to increase professional opportunities is an important step to securing employment. Spark supports interested individuals by exploring various opportunities including its Second Career Program (SC). SC is an Ontario government-funded program designed to assist unemployed workers transition to new careers in growing areas of the economy. 

Clients work alongside a Specialist to determine eligibility, prepare required documentation and complete and submit application for final Ministry approval.

Qualified applicants to the SC program will have access to up to $28,000, for eligible costs, which include 
tuition, books, manuals, workbooks or other instructional costs, transportation, basic living allowance, and childcare. Training can last anywhere from six months to two years. 

With an eye to include a fast-track stream, the SC program was redesigned in December 2020. The newly designed fast-track stream provides direct access to qualified individuals interested in retraining in occupations identified as ‘in demand’ within the Sudbury community. The goal is to quickly provide the province’s most COVID-19 impacted industries with skilled employees. 

Ready to get started? Contact Spark Employment Services at 705.671.2544 to schedule an intake appointment or visit their website.