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Local moving company, Ghene Generals, continues to evolve with new landscaping department

Owner Runo Awenode sees no limit to the ways they can support their community

Who says a business had to only focus on one specialty? When your focus is on helping people, there is so much more you can offer – and that’s exactly what one local business continues to prove. 

Ghene Generals is a professional moving company located in Sudbury, Ontario, which opened in 2021 serving individuals and businesses with their moving needs. “Currently we provide long-distance and local moving within Sudbury. We will also help pack, assemble and disassemble furniture, and even complete junk removal,” says owner Runo Awenode. 

Now, Awenode plans to evolve into offering landscaping services beginning spring 2022 as part of his plan of adding more departments all while delivering the same quality assured services. “My aim is to make Ghene a very diversified company hence the “Generals” within the company name.”

The name Ghene is constructed from Runo Awenode’s full first name, Ogheneruno. “Ghene Generals is something unique, a combination of my love of being active, working for myself and helping people. “There are a lot of things going on in town and I figured I could find and fill the gap between supply and demand in Sudbury. I found something I could give back to the community.”

It’s more than just moving, it’s about helping the people of Sudbury and internationally

“Moving is moving, but how we do things as opposed to other companies in town is different. We love what we do,” says Awenode, “to us, it's a way of life at Ghene Generals.” That dedication is what gives Awenode and his team the push to do these things differently. 

Stemmed from an aspiration to follow in his father’s footsteps, “I have a unique strategy and that strategy and business plan are what assists me. I've done a lot of jobs in town and have gotten so many compliments on my work because we try to save time and be a little more effective at what we do.”

Ghene Generals doesn’t charge extra rates or fees for last-minute or weekend moves. “If I have the ability, I am going to do it,” says Awenode, who strives to work as hard as he can to support those local to Sudbury as well as communities in Africa. “I never had the same opportunities I am creating for people right now. I know how long it took to get my first job in Canada so what I am doing now is creating opportunities for people internationally as well as in Canada.”

A huge soccer fan himself with experience as a scout and coach, Awenode has partnered with a soccer club in Ghana, Africa to support athletic development. “I don’t want talents to go to waste. I believe that everyone should be given an opportunity to excel in their sport of choice.”

Get more business, create more jobs, says Awenode

Ghene Generals’ mission is to help people with employment while at the same time providing excellent service for their clients while keeping costs one of the cheapest per hour in Sudbury.  “My task as a company is to keep moving costs cheaper and get the job done faster.” 

Awenode is also quick to provide advice to his clients to make their experience even better and keep costs minimal. “Pack as many things as you can! Small unpacked items add up and packing while we work reflects in the time it takes to complete your move.”

Moving is just the start for Awenode, whose passion is for his business in spite of his background and education in Mechanical Engineering from Laurentian University. With the introduction of landscaping this year, the future of how far Ghene Generals can go continues to evolve and for Awenode, he can’t wait to continue his support both locally and internationally, and that’s what keeps him motivated.  “Even on my worst day, I’m going to be happy and smiling.”

If you could use the help of Ghene Generals, learn more on their site and contact them here.