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Local vendor’s commitment to giving embraced company-wide

How Yes We Do Coffee supports seniors and kids
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Anyone who knows Lucien Lapalme, owner and president of Yes We Do Coffee and Vending Services, knows how much he doesn’t like the spotlight. He is a private person, reluctant to talk about himself at all, preferring to focus on his work.

The company he owns has been in business for 50 years. It provides coffee, tea, beverage and vending services to offices and restaurants throughout Greater Sudbury and Northern Ontario, including Mattawa, New Liskeard, Manitoulin Island, North Bay, Espinola and surrounding areas. Yes We Do Coffee offers their products and services at competitive rates, but just as importantly, they play an active role in the community.

Volunteering comes naturally to Lapalme. He sits on the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sudbury, where he serves as Vice President. His company is happy to participate in any and all activities that are going on, whether it involves fundraising or attending events.

He’s been involved with the organization for close to twenty years now. “We’re always helping out,” says Lapalme, who used to have a little brother.

The Great Coke Castle Rescue is a particularly fun summer event put on by Big Brothers Big Sisters. A giant castle was built out of 700 cases of Coke and a princess (Executive Director Chantal Gladu-Depatie) would wait patiently—for hours—high up top. For her to be able to come down, the organizers would have to sell out every case. Yes We Do Coffee was proud to be a major sponsor.

All of the funds raised at that event go towards the organization’s mentoring program. The day—Gladu-Depatie could be up there for 12 hours—also helped build awareness about the need for volunteers. There are often more kids than mentors available. 

The organization helps kids believe in themselves and fulfil their potential; kids can thrive with a team of individuals behind them for guidance, encouragement and support.

Why this particular organization, out of all of the worthy ones out there? “It’s up to us to raise our children as a community,” says Lapalme. “I don’t have any children, so when I was 30, I just figured that kids are the ones that need help the most.”

The company has also worked with Meals on Wheels, donating the services of one of their drivers, who delivers meals to seniors at no charge. They’ve also been involved with local minor league hockey.

Lapalme isn’t remotely interested in attention or acclaim and would much prefer to remain incognito. Because he’s been blessed to have a good life, he feels it’s only right to give back to society. For him and his employees to have jobs to go to every day, they need community support; since they’ve been lucky, they want to reciprocate.

He is grateful for his employees, who happily jump on board with whatever events or fundraising is going on. Says Lapalme, “We’re a tight-knit group.”

Yes We Do Coffee and Vending Services is a locally owned and operated company that is based in Sudbury. To learn more, call 705-523-1111.