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Make your windshield up to six times stronger

ExoShield offers advanced protection for your vehicle windshield

There are a lot of things we take for granted when it comes to the safety components built into the vehicles we drive. Take the windshield for example. The primary objective of the glass is to “shield” occupants of the car and keep them safe. We put our faith in our windshields every day without even considering how strong or well-made they actually are.

A windshield is a big part of the vehicle’s aesthetic, but it also plays a major role in keeping you safe.

Most are made of three layers: two outside layers made up of annealed glass sheets, and one layer of Polyvinyl Butyral in the middle. This makes a typical windshield stronger, more secure, and resistant to elements and debris. In the event of an accident, the windshield supports the roof, preventing the top from collapsing.

The fact is, your windshield provides over 40 percent of the structural integrity your vehicle needs in the event of a front-end collision and 60 percent of the integrity in the event of a rollover. Windshields help keep passengers from being thrown during a collision and they protect you from wind, rocks, bird collisions, and other airborne elements flying along roads and highways.

Given the important role they play in keeping drivers safe, it would make sense to pursue ways to make them even stronger. That’s where products like ExoShield come in according to Michael McQuaid, owner of Auto Upgrade Sudbury.

“Installing ExoShield makes your glass six times stronger than on its own,” said McQuaid, whose business also includes installation of paint protection film (PPF). “You put a screen saver on your phone. This is the same idea.”

According to McQuaid, ExoShield is a windshield protection film specially formulated for your window to stop chips and cracks and reduce the risk of ever having to have your windshield replaced. It also provide exceptional protection from the sun, which could be an important characteristic for people who have such sensitivities.

“It offers 99.9 percent UV protection,” said McQuaid. “Your windshield from a driver perspective lets in the most amount of UV rays. Installing ExoShield helps eliminate virtually all of them from getting through.”

While ExoShield is able to be installed on any vehicle, the price will vary depending on size and curvature of the windshield; the bigger the glass surface, the more material required and the higher the price. However, once installed ExoShield is guaranteed not to peel, discolour or delaminate for a full two-years and 50,000 kilometres. There are three tiers of additional protection plan available for purchase that could include full windshield and ExoShield replacement in the event the windshield is smashed.

McQuaid says depending on the vehicle installation could take between a half and full day. While the vehicle can be driven immediately after installation, the manufacturer recommends keeping any vehicle with a new ExoShield installation be kept out of the elements for 48 hours.

As McQuaid is the only Exoshield dealer north of Bellville, interested customers can contact him for more information or to book an installation.

To learn more visit Auto Upgrade Sudbury on Facebook.