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New in Sudbury: Women’s all-inclusive gym now open

The Refinery Women’s Fitness and Transformation Lab has expanded to bring their unique approach to health and fitness to Sudbury

South Sudbury is now home to the newest location of The Refinery Women’s Fitness and Transformation Lab, which is an innovative gym that is focused on helping women achieve their nutrition and fitness goals.

Focus on Nutrition, Accountability, and Exercise

The Refinery looks at women’s health through a different lens. Not only do they offer fast and efficient 30-minute metabolic training classes, but they also incorporate nutrition plans, education, and accountability coaching to help you to reach your goals. They do all of this while also fostering an atmosphere of fun and friendship.

The approach for each woman is different and The Refinery team considers what each of their client’s unique health & fitness goals are. “Our programs are tailored to the individual. We help women learn how they metabolize proteins, carbs, and fats. Everyone is different,” explains Holly Infanti, owner of The Refinery.

“Our 30-minute metabolic training classes change every single day and the workouts mimic having a personal trainer but in a group setting,” she says.

Motivated by Women’s Unique Health and Fitness Needs

Women new to The Refinery can expect to find a much different approach to health and fitness than they may be expecting. All new members receive a free in-depth health consultation to help determine their personal health and fitness goals. The path for each of their clients is unique depending on whether they are focusing on weight loss, muscle gain, toning, or overall wellness.

“We believe there are some critical components to having success in a woman’s health journey. Mindset and accountability coaching are a big part of this. We focus on helping women become the best versions of themselves,” explains Holly.

“We also use a clinical grade 3D body scanner to help set goals and provide nutrition plans that help our clients to stay on track, focused, and motivated. Along with this, our 30-minute metabolic training workouts are designed to put your body in fat burning more for 24 hours post-workout,” she continues. “All of these components work together to drive big results.”

Inclusive and Empowering Support

The team at The Refinery is passionate about providing women with an inspiring and supportive environment. They understand how important it is to have a fun and supportive place for women to be able to reach their goals. “We want women to feel comfortable coming as they are. We are a no-judgement gym,” says Holly.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, visit The Refinery on their website, Instagram, or Facebook. The gym is located at 2037 Long Lake Road #12 in Sudbury.