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Spotlight: Northern Credit Union seeks new board member

Are you a community leader with northern pride?
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Northern Credit Union is seeking a new, progressive and strategic candidate to join their Board of Directors.  

The search comes as Northern Credit Union looks to deepen their 12-member Board to help continue to successfully meet current and future challenges of the financial service industry posed by increased regulatory compliance, digital innovations, risks, and market capabilities. 

Northern Credit Union’s Board works closely with the executive management team to strengthen performance for the benefit of members, employees, and communities they call home. 

In a recent online posting, Northern Credit Union announced some of the attributes and skills that will contribute to meeting Northern’s ongoing objectives.  Northern is seeking individuals, ideally with previous Board experience and who may possess any of the following criteria.

  • An experienced accounting professional with a designation (such as but not limited to CPA) bringing financial expertise in internal/external audit, governance and risk management.
  • Familiarity and understanding of the financial services industry will be an asset including understanding emerging opportunities, risks and technologies in the sector.
  • An experienced professional with a background in IT governance, digital strategy, overseeing complex technologies, cyber-security and IT projects.

Board diversity is a priority. All qualified candidates will be considered. 

The successful individual will be integral to the future of Northern’s brand and will contribute to an effective boardroom through collaborative governance, an inquisitive approach to problem-solving, and diversity of thought. 

Northern Credit Union operates 31 branches in 29 communities across Ontario, providing employment to over 280 people.  

Since 1957, Northern Credit Union has been at the forefront of providing innovative banking solutions for individuals, families and businesses in Ontario. Their mix of digital banking options, online solutions, member rewards programs and in-branch customer service are with a focus on “Making a Difference in People’s Lives”. Our governance structure is one of the things that makes Northern Credit Union different. You’re not just a customer you’re also an owner!  Unlike the banks, Northern Credit Union is collectively owned by our members.  Every member is a shareholder, every shareholder is equal, and we answer to our members exclusively. Members have a say in how our credit union is governed, and in turn, our credit union has a real stake in our member’s success.

How to apply

A candidate information package/Board of Directors application is available as of November 15, 2019. Interested candidates must be a Northern Credit Union member as of December 31, 2019.

Deadline for submission is 4:00pm on December 31, 2019.

For more information, please contact Northern Credit Union’s Corporate Secretary at [email protected].