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Spotlight: Physiotherapy Services Available in Chelmsford After Almost 20 Years

Marc and Lynne Morin have expanded their physiotherapy business and are bringing a service to Chelmsford that the town has not had in nearly 20 years.

The couple are the owners of Lively Physiotherapy and have opened a new clinic in Chelmsford at 44 Main Street East.

Not only have they expanded to a new location, but their new clinic in Chelmsford, which opened in early June, is roughly double the size of their Lively location.

Rayside Physiotherapy offers services for clients who are recovering from motor vehicle collisions, workplace or sports injuries, general aches and pain, post-surgical recovery, headaches, vertigo and more.

“We want to give people their independence so that they can live life to the fullest,” said registered physiotherapist Lynne Morin.

Rayside Physiotherapy is a fully bilingual clinic and are looking to grow their client base in Chelmsford and Rayside Balfour as a whole.

“We noticed that a lot of our clients at the Lively clinic were coming a long way to see us,” said Marc Morin.

“Our Lively location is very busy, but it's not the most convenient for people coming from areas like Chelmsford and Azilda.”

With a second location, the couple have doubled their patient capacity and are also looking at expanding services at both locations.

“We're putting some feelers out to see what kind of services we could add and who would be interested,” said Marc.

A clean and modern facility, the 3,200 sq ft clinic boasts high-end fitness equipment that you would see in many gyms and health clubs.

One of the non-phyiso services offered at Rayside Physiotherapy is their direct billing, which Marc says many patients prefer.

“It just cuts out the patient having fill out any insurance papers,” he said. “They bring in their coverage information and we deal with their insurance provider directly.”

For more information, call Rayside Physiotherapy at 705-590-0743 email [email protected] or visit their website at