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Prearranged funerals: The key to having space to grieve with grace

Lougheed Funeral Homes hopes to take the added stress out of the grieving process
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Stress. It does more than affect the mind and induce sadness, anger, and depression. Stress can overwhelm your body causing stomach pains, high blood pressure, heart issues, and insomnia. And what is more stressful than the death of someone you love?

Death is a part of life but it’s the part most people fear and dread. Be it their own death or the passing of a loved one, the thought of missing the people we care about, or having them miss us, makes many put funeral planning firmly on the back burner. Yet, this is very counteractive.

The professionals at Lougheed Funeral Homes know that prearranging is key to moving through the grieving process in a healthier, more productive way.

Lougheed Funeral Homes has served the Sudbury region since 1952 and has seen the profession change from in-home wakes to funeral home viewings, and from traditional ceremonies to celebrations of life.

While the way we honour our loved ones changes, the grief we feel when they pass does not. Prearrangements were born from the need to help people manage the stress ahead of time, so when the funeral does occur, you can focus on grieving and being supported by your friends and family.

A prearrangement takes care of all those administrative details that must be handled around a burial or cremation. A big advantage is, everyone has the time and space to make decisions with a clear head, and the person who will pass can also be there to make their wishes known.

With a prearranged funeral, there is no guessing (and therefore fighting) about what “mom would have wanted,” there are no emotionally charged decisions about flowers or caskets, and pre-payments can also be made at this time.

Lougheed offers a unique opportunity of a 10% discount on all prepaid funerals. If no life insurance is in place, money must be found not only for the funeral, but also for the proper execution of the estate. Pre-payments greatly ease this burden and all the money is held for the service – it does not profit the funeral home.

One of the greatest gifts you can leave your loved ones the ability to grieve without the added stress of arranging your funeral. Whether you are single and want to ensure your parents or friends don’t struggle to decide between your burial and cremation, you have children and know the surviving spouse must focus on parenting while bereft, or you are aging and want to remove the burden from your middle-age children, taking care of the details now is a gift for everyone later.

Lougheed Funeral Homes has seen the benefits of prearrangements time and time again for families in their care. To learn more about this, or any other services offered, visit today.

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