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Reduce your footprint with sustainable flooring options

House of Broadloom can help you choose flooring options that combine sustainability, style and function

As the world works together to produce less waste and promote environmental wellness, builders and homeowners are searching for materials that provide the beauty and durable they need, with the sustainability our world needs.

For Larissa Herbert, Flooring Specialist at House of Broadloom in Sudbury, offering customers the option to choose environmentally-friendly flooring options is a priority. “I believe it to be our responsibility as a retailer, to provide these options and encourage homeowners to consider these environmentally friendly products.”

At House of Broadloom, customers can compare the benefits and choose from a range of sustainable flooring products to suit their needs:

Engineered wood

When producing traditional hardwood flooring such as walnut or oak, manufacturers will cut the whole mature tree, leaving certain species in danger of scarcity or even extinction. Engineered wood saves those ‘old growth’ forests by using smaller trees from well-managed woodlands, and the demand for engineered wood from younger trees can actually encourage forest owners to prioritize health forest regeneration.

“When shopping for engineered wood, take note of the top veneer,” Herbert advises. “If you are looking to have the option of refinishing your wood years later, you will want one that has a thicker veneer, such as 4mm thick.”

Porcelain tile

The production of porcelain tile uses recycled materials or raw ingredients such as natural clay, without impacting the world’s supply of wood or plant materials. Porcelain tiles are long-lasting, visually appealing and surprisingly versatile: these products can be manufactured in virtually any shape or colour, even simulating the look of wood, metal or glass flooring.

Glazed porcelain tile is maintained with minimal effort and because it is naturally stain and odor-resistant, there is no need for dangerous chemical cleaners or additional sealants. When properly installed, porcelain tile can last a lifetime, making it a great option for any space in your home.


Naturally warm, shock-absorbent, sound-proof and drop-dead gorgeous. Just when you thought you couldn’t love cork flooring any more – it’s sustainable too!

Cork flooring is a product made from the bark of the cork oak tree, a material which is ground, processed into sheets and baked in a kiln to produce tiles that serve as flooring for offices, light commercial locations, and residences. The bark regenerates naturally and cork oak trees can live between one and two centuries, making it a long-term renewable resource.


Watch for this innovative product coming soon to House of Broadloom!

100% natural and non-toxic Hempwood flooring is quickly becoming the preferred choice of builders and homeowners looking for durability and sustainability in their flooring choice. The hemp is harvested from local farmers within 100 miles of the factory, and the flooring is produced using a soy-based binding agent to cut out all the chemicals that are usually required.

Hemp flooring is very durable, harder and longer-lasting than traditional hardwoods like Hickory and Oak - 20% harder than American White Oak on the Janka hardness scale! This means that sustainable hemp flooring can withstand more, last longer, and keep our landfills free of other flooring choices.

“We are happy to show you all of the products that we have available that will help you reduce your carbon footprint”

Visit House of Broadloom today to learn more about sustainable flooring choices that add lasting beauty to your home.

House of Broadloom is located at 68 Lorne Street in Sudbury.  They can be reached at 705-674-4444 or find them online here.