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Reg Wilkinson Men’s Wear celebrates 75 years of fashion and community service in Sudbury

A pillar of local style and tradition, this third-generation family business blends modern flair with decades of expertise to serve a diverse clientele.

Reg Wilkinson Men’s Wear, a cornerstone of the Sudbury community, is celebrating an impressive 75 years of continuous service. This third-generation family business, led by Todd Wilkinson, has become a local institution known for its quality menswear and dedicated service.

​​The Reg Wilkinson Men’s Wear team combines youthful energy with seasoned expertise, creating a dynamic atmosphere catering to a diverse customer base. Led by Todd Wilkinson, the staff includes both part-time students and experienced professionals, including his sister, Kori Merwin. 

This mix ensures the store delivers high-quality service and maintains a warm, inclusive environment, balancing contemporary appeal with deep-rooted industry knowledge.

“We are so fortunate to be in business this long,” says Wilkinson, reflecting on the store's longevity. “It’s quite rare to see such a tenure, especially being a third-generation family business.”

Reg Wilkinson Men’s Wear, occupying nearly 6,000 square feet, offers various clothing options, from grad and wedding outfits to casual wear and custom suits. One of their standout features is the 2,000-square-foot shoe store within the business, Reg’s Footwear, catering to diverse fashion needs.


From graduation to the altar

Wilkinson explains the store’s appeal across various age groups, noting, “We cater to everyone, from young adults looking for grad attire and golf clothing to more mature customers seeking custom suits.”

As the grad season approaches, Wilkinson mentions that the store is bustling with early shoppers planning for their big events. “People are definitely starting to think about what they’ll wear for these important milestones,” he adds.

Wilkinson emphasizes the store's commitment to providing various suit options that appeal to the budget-conscious without sacrificing style or quality. Understanding that graduates and their parents are often concerned about the cost, given that young men are still growing, the store strategically offers suits at multiple price points. This flexibility ensures everyone can find something that meets their needs and budget. 

Additionally, the store maintains a youthful, fashionable edge, which resonates well with the younger demographic, making Reg Wilkinson a preferred destination for graduation attire in Sudbury.

"We're a popular stop known for a variety of fashion levels. We're young at heart, and that's reflected in our staff and our offerings."

For grooms, Reg’s offers an exceptional selection of suits that cater to diverse tastes and budgets, understanding the unique needs of young couples. The store has transitioned from renting to selling suits, focusing on quality and fit rather than the generic options typically provided by rental services. 

Wilkinson explains that their wedding program includes four different price points, starting as low as $300, which allows grooms and their parties to choose suits that not only fit their financial requirements but also reflect their personal style. 


Custom style suits, ready fast

The store is well-known for its "made-to-measure" program in collaboration with Coppley, a renowned manufacturer based in Hamilton. This service is offered throughout the year with special quarterly pricing and allows for custom fittings, which Wilkinson handles personally to ensure perfection. 

But, if you need a suit soon and on budget, Reg’s “separates program” is the next best thing. This program allows customers to select jackets and pants in different sizes, offering a tailored fit that closely mirrors made-to-measure quality but with the convenience and speed of off-the-rack shopping. 

Wilkinson highlights the importance of this service, noting its rarity outside high-end stores and its appeal to those who need a personalized fit without the wait time associated with custom tailoring.

Above all, Wilkinson credits his staff's dedication and the loyalty of their clientele for the store's enduring success. “We wouldn’t be where we are without our amazing team and the support from our community,” he says.

"My grandfather had a saying, 'We're in the people business, not the clothing business.' That has guided us through decades." 

As Reg Wilkinson Men’s Wear looks to the future, it continues to honour the legacy of quality, service, and community engagement that has defined its past. It promises many more years of success and service to the Sudbury area.

Stop by Reg’s today at 118 Durham Street, Sudbury.