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Revolution over resolution: A mindful approach to attaining and maintaining your better-health goals

Jenine Saunders of Moetus Health in Sudbury explains why quick fixes don’t deliver lasting results

The calendar has turned, with a new year offering fresh opportunity.

Naturally, this time of transition is the perfect chance to embark on a wellness journey that leads to a lifetime of benefits. Yet, many of us make knee-jerk resolutions and set us off in a frenzy, turning to the latest diet schemes, unrealistic workout plans or worse, pharmaceutical ‘solutions’ that ultimately leave us feeling physically heavy and spiritually laden.

We live in a time where we expect immediate results, and patience and determination are virtues

As a Somatic Therapist, BSc. Physiotherapy and owner of Moetus Health in Sudbury, Jenine Saunders has guided countless clients on their personal wellness journeys. Still, Jenine is no stranger to the seasonal onslaught of empty promises from spammers and social media.

“My inbox and feeds have been under attack and inundated with challenges and overt messages that I was fat and old and needed to lose weight and get 10 years younger in 30 days,” says Saunders, who explains how these gimmicks work on those at their most vulnerable.

“Change takes time, both psychologically and physiologically. Focus and a long term commitment are really what is required, and most don’t want to sign up for that. So, companies sell the urgent and the immediate, and our society buys into it. Gyms and supplement companies bank on it. They focus on guilt, shame and ego to deliver their messages. They prey on the person who already feels down on themselves and that just isn’t right.”

It’s time to slow down, to breathe, and to take the first step

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Reaching your goals and maintaining good health require a personal revolution. A return to organic wellness, mindful movement and just ‘being’. The good news is, this is a much simpler journey than anything you’ll find in your social media feed.

“Moetus Health is all about mindful movement. Change the way you move and you change your life. It really can be as simple as that,” says Saunders. “When you move better you feel better; organs function better and the mind is more focused on the positive. “

Clients can choose from a range of movement classes to suit every level of interest and ability, from gentle Qigong that balances the mind, body and spirit and Flow & Chill Yoga that allows you to dive deeper into your body with a blend of movement and meditative rest, to the more challenging Strength Kicker and popular Pilates Mat classes that develop awareness and concentration while activating core strength.

Physiologically it takes three months to make a change in the body at the cellular level, but new habits can be made in a short three weeks. So, unlike those quick-fix marketing gimmicks, the mindful first steps that you take in your wellness revolution today can lead to a healthier body, mind and spirit – for life.

“We don’t subscribe to the ‘30 day-new-you-because-the-old-you-wasn’t-good-enough’ ideal,” says Jenine. “We subscribe to meeting people where they are at, and accompanying them on their personal, unique journey to wellness; whatever that looks like for them.”

Take the first step to empowering your own transformation through movement and mindfulness. Visit them online here call 705-674-1877 or stop by the MOETUS HEALTH studios in the Four Corners on Long Lake Road at Paris Street in Sudbury.