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Spark Employment Services helps job seekers embrace change

Helping clients start the next chapter in their professional lives
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Change can be uncomfortable and scary! In life, especially in today’s world, things are constantly changing, even if we are not aware of it at the time. For many, the idea of any type of change can bring feelings of anxiety and worry. With change often comes risk and uncertainty, which can leave people feeling uneasy. Spark Employment Services (Spark) can help with the transition – whether entering or re-entering the workforce.

However, change can be a great thing – it can serve as an opportunity for learning and growth, as a person. Embracing change allows a person to open themselves to new opportunities and experiences both in their personal and professional lives. Being open to change ultimately allows a person to become a more well-rounded and capable version of themselves. 

The concept of change can be intimidating because it often means venturing into unfamiliar territory. Many people believe that it is necessary to take a “huge leap” into this unfamiliar territory, when in reality, sometimes it is better to take one small step at a time when venturing into the unknown. It makes things easier and creates more space and time to become comfortable with the changes.

When facing change, it is much easier when we set goals. Setting ambitious yet realistic goals can make big changes seem more manageable and is a great way to learn to be more open to change. Goals should be personalized and important to the person setting them. They should also align with what motivates and inspires that person - this will make it easier to accomplish their goals.

Here at Spark, we understand that change and transformation can sometimes seem like an overwhelming process. Our expert team of Employment Specialists are here to help you navigate through this transformative journey by giving you the tools you need to truly embrace change as it comes and to start setting realistic goals to get you to where you want to be.

Our team of experts is ready to help you maximize your success. Contact an Employment Specialist today and get started on your journey!

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