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Spotlight: Finlandia Village celebrating 38 years of caring for seniors

Join Finlandia for the SISU Ball Drop Lottery May 11th at 1:30pm

In 1982, funds were collected from a small group of contributors and with a substantial donation of land, this kick-started a campaign that would forever change the landscape on Fourth Ave. in Sudbury. 

The dream of providing housing for Finnish seniors on a 41-acre of parcel would become reality under the leadership of the Sudbury Finnish Rest Home Society Inc. Committees were struck and work began to realize a vision for seniors care in our community.

Members of the ladies’ auxiliary held craft bazaars and sold Finnish baked goods to raise money for the Village. To date, more than $650,000 has been raised by the Finlandia Village Ladies Auxilliary.

During the past 35 years, the Village has grown in response to the changing needs of a diverse and multicultural senior population. What began as a seniors’ housing project with the construction of an apartment building in 1985 has expanded to include assisted-living accommodations, shared housing, townhouse developments and long-term care facilities.

Finlandia Village is a community of neighbours, made possible through the dedication and generosity of volunteers who shared a vision, raised funds and got to work to support a need for seniors housing. They had sisu.

The Finlandia SISU Foundation was formed in 2014 to further engage the community in enhancing the quality of life for seniors living in our community by providing facilities, equipment and life-enriching programs and services. The SISU Foundation is a partner in senior care and values the contributions from donors, stakeholders and the community.

We are proud of the rich heritage of giving, whether it be time, expertise, resources or helping hands. As we mark the 35th-anniversary milestone, we are reminded sisu embodies the qualities of our founding members and is also a characteristic woven in the contributions of volunteers and staff, and in the daily lives of the many seniors that count on us.

Join us for the SISU BALL DROP Lottery. 

You could have a chance to win $10,000 and show your support for seniors at Finlandia Village this month.

The Finlandia SISU Foundation is proud to host the 2nd annual SISU Ball Drop Lottery supporting a SISU spa for seniors at Finlandia Village. 

Last year’s first ever golf ball drop lottery enabled the purchase of a specialized therapeutic tub for seniors and a much-needed upgrade to an existing institutional tub room to transform it to more resemble a more home-like environment positively impacting this component of daily living for seniors. There are three additional tub rooms on the list for an upgrade, and the 2019 lottery will support the purchase of a  2nd therapeutic tub and renovation.

“Bathing can often be one of the most difficult personal care activities that a senior can face.  Our goal is to create a quality bathing spa in each home area to create a truly home-like environment. In order to achieve this,  we identified the need to upgrade the first of four 20+yr old institutional tubs with a high-quality bathing system that is more personalized, safe and comfortable.  We are extremely pleased with our newly renovated bathing room, but the smiles, enjoyment and comfort of the residents enjoying the spa room is really the best outcome” says Angela Harvey, Administrator, Finlandia Village.   

“Due to the overwhelming response to the first lottery, SISU is pleased to host the 2nd annual SISU Ball Drop Lottery as there are three additional institutional tub rooms waiting to be transformed” shares Brian Koivu, chair of the SISU Foundation. “SISU is a proud partner in senior care at the Village.  We are honoured to be supported by our greater community- volunteers, sponsors, families and neighbours - who continue to show their commitment to quality senior living. Our community sponsors Edwin Reilly, Brian Ramakko and Jesse O’Shell with Greater Sudbury Fire Services lead by example and are paving the way for high quality daily living for the many seniors that count on us to take good care. We are grateful, and on behalf of those seniors, relay our sincere thanks.” 

This year’s ball drop will be held at Mayfair on Saturday, May 11, 2019, at 1:30 pm on the grounds of Finlandia Village where one lucky ball will find its way to the golf hole and win $10,000.

Tickets for the SISU Ball Drop Lottery are $50 each and are available for purchase from Ramakko’s Source for Adventure and Finlandia Village or by emailing

A maximum of 1000 tickets will be sold this year under Lottery License #M828271.

Thank you to the community, volunteers and sponsors for supporting a SISU spa for seniors.   Finlandia Village is a place to call home- a Village for all.

Thank you to many people who have had a positive impact on life at Finlandia Village. We continue to put our residents first and look forward to the future with them.  We work on behalf of all of those seniors that call Finlandia Village their home.