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Gus’ Restaurant - Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner for 68 years!

This Sudbury staple has always been the place for not only locals, but for many Greek immigrants who have come to make their start in Canada.

In an age where everything seems fake, where even the seemingly authentic places to eat have at their heart frozen foods and not much love, it’s tough to imagine a place that truly is what it has always been, even with new owners. A place that has become an institution in its city, but still always has something interesting.

That place is Gus’s Restaurant. And since it’s been here in Sudbury for 68 years, you can imagine it might be here a few more.

Gus’s Restaurant has always been the place not just for Sudbury locals, but where many Greek immigrants have come to make their start in Canada. And it’s no different today.

Four and a half years ago, Spyros and Fania Koutroumanos sold their café in Athens, Greece, and headed to Sudbury. They took over as the new owners, and have loved every minute of their time running the restaurant, and raising their twin boys – now five. Whether it is new customers, or returning favourites, they say everyone has been warm, welcoming, and happy to tell them exactly how things should be at Gus’s Restaurant.

Of course, they love that devotion. But as with any new business, you want to put your mark on it – your own personal stamp. With Spyros and Fania’s love of food, that stamp comes in the form of exceptional scratch cooking, daily specials, and the best in Greek and Canadian food.

What that looks like in practice? You want a made from scratch burger made with a perfect selection of seasonings? Gus’s has one for you. Want the old style burgers that will taste just like they did the first time you stepped in the restaurant? They have that too.

The best of the old world, the new world, the new owners, and the old ones. What more could you ask for?

Well, how about catering?

In addition to dining in – to enjoy the perfectly preserved atmosphere and vintage feel – you can take out. But best of all, why not have Gus’s cater your next meeting or event?

Forget what you know about bringing in food for an event – what is often uninspired, bland, or worse yet cold – and prepare yourself for the finest home cooking, made exactly how you like it. And they mean exactly: no need to order only what is on the menu, or only what is typically offered, simply sit down with Spyros and Fania and let your imagination fly. Because they cook everything from scratch, they have every ingredient they could need – allowing them to create inventive meals to your taste, for any size group, with the quality you expect from an institution like Gus’s Restaurant.

So whether Gus’s Restaurant is an old favourite for you – even if you haven’t been in since you were a teenager – or you are looking for an authentic, local experience that looks great on the plate, and on Instagram, then visit Gus’s Restaurant for the first time, or the hundredth time.