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Spotlight: Sudbury Realtors®: Making It Look Easy is Hard Work

What happens when you make your job look too easy…? If you’re the Sudbury Real Estate Board, you launch the #MYTHvsREALTY awareness campaign to tear down those myths and show the reality of life as a Realtor®.

What happens when you make your job look too easy…? 

If you’re the Sudbury Real Estate Board, you launch the #MYTHvsREALTY awareness campaign to tear down those myths and show the reality of life as a Realtor®.  The campaign was launched in the fall of 2018 and encouraged the public to identify the misconceptions they may have, while recognizing the value of Realtors® and the dozens of different jobs they do to help you buy or sell a house.

Of the myths compiled for the campaign, two of the most popular were related to how easy it seems to be to do the job.  Far from true! Let us breakdown those realities:

Myth #1 - Realtors® are's a cushy job

We even made a commercial to bring this myth to life! Check it out:

The job of a Realtor® can often be challenging and all-consuming; it’s basically a 24/7 job!

For many, there is no "start and finish" to their days or weeks.  Nights, weekends, time is off-limits. Late at night watching the big game, during dinner, at the mall, at the beach – most Realtors® are on-call and can be accessed virtually anywhere.

Myth #2– Selling a home is as easy as putting up a sign & collecting money

Since our pros make it look simple, it can often be difficult to see the value in using the services of a Realtor®.  Realtors put a significant amount of time, energy and expertise into listing your property.  A Realtor® can spend anything from a few minutes to a few days on every task to successfully complete a real estate deal.

We’ve even created a list of the Top 100 average tasks & procedures needed to complete each transaction, but here’s a sample of just a few of them:

  1. Research comparable currently listed properties & sales activity for past 18 months from MLS® and public records databases
  2. Research “Average Days on Market” for this property of this type, price range and location
  3. Prepare “Comparable Market Analysis” (CMA) to establish fair market value
  4. Prepare  and present listing presentation package with above materials & give seller an overview of current market conditions and projections (including Comparables, Solds, Current Listings & Expired Listings) as well as offer a pricing strategy based on professional judgment and interpretation of current market conditions
  5. Take quality property photos or video to upload on MLS and for use marketing materials (flyers, postcards, social media sites, virtual tours, etc.)
  6. Review comparable MLS listings regularly to ensure property remains competitive in price, terms, conditions and availability
  7. Create and Maintain Social Media Advertisements
  8. Conduct Open Houses if necessary & create Feature Sheets for Open Houses
  9. Advise seller on offers. Explain merits and weakness of each component of each offer & negotiate all offers on seller’s behalf
  10. Make informed recommendations for legal professionals, financial professionals, home inspectors, movers, handymen, etc.

Take a look at the full list and the Top 10 #MYTHvsREALTY breakdowns at